Had Too Much Sugar Over the Weekend?


You see this word everywhere and several images come up in your mind. Brunch meals, frozen yogurt, desserts and local kuehs.

After eating, you probably get hit by a huge food comatose and feel all bloated and nauseated despite being all fuzzy and comforted moments earlier. Here are top few tips to get over that sugar overload over the next 2 days!

First up, hydrate

Water is so prominent in our brains (90%) and our cells and blood (70%)! It is literally the most under-rated and overlooked (probably because it is so boring) strategy that always pops up in any sort of lifestyle/behavioural change. Nevertheless, do not avoid water even if you are bloated. Having sips and making a conscious effort goes a long way. Water helps to regulate almost every biological process in our body and that includes detoxification, absorption and digestion of that really sweet meal you just had.

Find a way to move

Walks are counted, so does yoga and a slow jog. Deep breathing, movements at home (even the weird ones), anything that gets your joints and body moving! All these movements will help your body remain active and encourages your body’s natural detoxification process to remain efficient.

Focus on the nutrients of your next meal

The most common thought would be to NOT eat the next day or eating a lot of carbohydrates to feel full because the sugars will get you crashing and burning like no other.

Here’s what you need to focus on ingesting: protein, healthy fats, fibre and greens ? 

Vegetables, particularly cruciferous and leafy greens (spinach or broccoli or brussel sprouts) provide fibre which aid in getting you full for longer and helps the digestion process. Polyphenols from the vegetables aid in detoxification in the liver, which is the location where all processed sugars go to. Other nutrients to get you satiated include healthy fats (nuts, seeds, olive oil or cold water fish).

An example would be a broccolini scramble cooked in coconut oil, topped with nutritional yeast (contains chromium which helps to regulate blood sugar levels), dill and extra virgin olive oil (another source of good fats). Limiting or avoiding carbohydrates during your sugar detox gets your body to reset healthily.

All of us have off days from eating and succumb to cheat days unnecessarily but we need to erase self-judgement. Most importantly, do not hate yourself for what you ate because that’s the most toxic mindset of all.


Contributed by Melissa Dorai, Founder of Nourish Mel and Personal Trainer

Photo credits: Pixabay and Nourish Mel


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