Is GN Nano Curcumin the ONLY Supplement We May Need?

When it comes to supplements, there are two camps – those who say that you don’t need them as we can get all the vitamins and minerals from our diet; and those who say that while it is possible to get vitamins and minerals from our food, the food that we currently consume are lower in nutritional value due to them being harvested before they’re fully ripened and there comes a stage where certain proteins, minerals and vitamins are just not that bioavailable. It doesn’t help that as we age, our bodies also do not absorb these nutrients as easily as before, leading to possible malnutrition.

If you belong to the latter camp, then which supplement should you take? While it is easy to say, “Let’s just go for the multi-vitamins”, but do you really want pay for vitamins or minerals that your body doesn’t need, only for them to either accumulate in your system or to be flushed out when you visit the toilet? Then, is there one supplement that could possibly rule them all?

Well, we’re no doctors but we think that we may have found one supplement that could replace your bottle of multi-vits and it goes by the name of GN Nano Curcumin.

What is GN Nano Curcumin?

We have waxed lyrical about the benefits of curcumin before, and we know that it is the active compound found in turmeric which has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidative and anti-fungal benefits. Formulated in Switzerland and made in Singapore, GN Nano Curcumin is all natural and contains 98% pure curcumin extract from the top 10 turmeric species found in India and Nepal. It has no additives and this serum is the only water-soluble curcumin product currently in the market.

One has to note that there is a difference between products of turmeric extracts and curcumin. It is normally thought to be equivalent, but  remember that curcumin is the active ingredient. As such, a product with higher concentrations of curcumin is more beneficial to the body rather than consuming turmeric or turmeric extracts that may contain as little as 2% of curcumin. Moreover, with a particle size of just 24 nanometres, GN Nano Curcumin’s serum is extremely bioavailable to the human body, thus activating the maximum beneficial properties.

Founder of GN Nano Curcumin, Sathesh Roy

Founded and developed by Singaporean Sathesh Roy, who grew up in a family of chief healers in Ayuverdic medicine, GN Nano Curcumin is the result of more than 10 years of extensive research, refining and testing that took him to Swiss research laboratories, numerous product trials in the USA before coming to Singapore.

The list of benefits above looks impressive and it can be backed up by medical studies¹ and as well as the trials that the GN Nano Curcumin Serum went through. As such, we were intrigued and decided to try the serum out ourselves to find out how well it really works.

Review on GN Nano Curcumin Serum

As mentioned before, we are aware of curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties and it has been used for ages to relieve arthritic pain. For this review, I consumed two bottles of GN Nano Curcumin Serum over two months and did not make any significant changes to my diet or exercise, except for Christmas and New Year’s. However, I stopped taking turmeric supplements that were prescribed by my doctor during this period.

According to the directions, one should take 3 drops of the serum mixed with warm water 3 times a day for the first 3 days before increasing it to 5 drops. If you’re feeling ill or have any medical condition, I was told that I could increase the dosage from 5 to even 20 drops. Nonetheless, I was also told that if I didn’t feel any difference after increasing the dosage, then it would be alright to reduce it back to 5 drops.

When diluted in warm water, the serum gives off the distinct yellow hue and has the slight scent and taste of extremely diluted turmeric but without any bitterness. You can add it to tea or juices as well, which made it easy to remember to take it in the mornings or during lunch; I’ve also added it to my soup so that I don’t forget to take it during dinner.

The first morning after starting on the serum, I immediately noticed that my bloat had gone down significantly and the eczema on my wrist had visibly improved. This was quite remarkable considering how I had alcohol and gluten (from bread) the night before, which normally would cause me to bloat.

On the third day, I experienced a healing crisis where I was woken from my sleep with excruciating pain in my lower abdomen. That area usually hurts during my period due to my endometriosis, which caused adhesion between my uterus and large intestine, and that is why my doctor had prescribed turmeric pills for me to bring down the inflammation and relieve the pain. During my healing crisis, the pain would start after midnight and last for hours until I couldn’t withstand it anymore and had to take painkillers. When I checked in with the staff at Golden Nutrition, they confirmed that this was a healing crisis and that my body is slowly healing itself. The timing of the pain, which would start after midnight, supports the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda belief that the body starts its recovery period around that time. Thank goodness my healing crisis only lasted for 3 days.

For the next couple of months, what I noticed where only the good side effects of this supplement! I did not experience any severe menstrual cramps, nor did I get serious migraines and the monthly bloating was also visibly reduced. Even at low levels of inflammation, the body’s absorption of nutrients will be affected². Which is why I noticed that during these 2 months, I found that I did not get hungry as often and felt even more energised. If you think about it, once inflammation is improved through nano curcumin, it also means that your intestines are able to better absorb the nutrients through diet, which kind of supports the argument that one does not require any other supplements.

Despite my lack of moisturising, I found that my feet no longer had dry cracked heels and I wonder whether this is due to the nano curcumin as well. I also found that I was drinking more water than usual and this probably helped with the body’s natural detoxification. In addition, I noticed that I recovered faster after a torture session with my personal trainer and did not have to suffer days of aching.


As they say, prevention is better than cure so while each bottle is pricey at S$398, it is peerless as there is no other supplement out there with such high purity of curcumin at nano particle size for the highest efficacy. The effects of GN Nano Curcumin was far more effective than the medical grade turmeric pills that my doctor prescribed as well. Pain management aside, I also hope that the continuous consumption of the serum will help me prevent the flare up of my endometriosis and get the balance back so that my body will be in optimal health.

GN Nano Curcumin Serum is vegan and halal-certified, produced in Singapore under stringent food safety and quality assurance standards. It has passed the heavy metal and microbial safety test and nanoparticle size test as well as obtained the ISO22000 food management system certificate, GMP certification for strong regulatory commitment and compliance specified by the WHO, and HACCP certification complying to the international food safety assurance system.

From now till the end of February, GN Nano Curcumin Serum is giving an 8% discount if you message them through Instagram @gnnanocurcuminsg.

GN Nano Curcumin Serum is now available online at Lazada, Shopee and Amazon Singapore.


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Images: Golden Nutrition (Singapore) Pte Ltd


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