Can You Boost Your Brain With a Drink?

NATURALBOOM recently launched the world’s first Mental Drink, which aims to bring new fans into the health and wellness drink category – all in a sleek 250ml can.

Inspired by Founder Andrea Campagnolo’s avid passion for building concentration and wellness to support the mind during sports activities, the Mental Drink is a non-caffeinated formula that responds to the demand for natural drinks, supporting health and personal well-being.

Captivated by the concept to encourage body, mind and spirit to be interdependent and one with nature, the Mental Drink is a well-balanced combination of adaptogens, nootropics and vitamins – supplements that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions such as memory, creativity and motivation. NATURALBOOM incorporates quality ingredients such as Ashwaganda (one of the most powerful medicinal plants used to protect the immune system), Sea Buckthorn, Papaya, Ginger and Green Tea, amongst many others.

We tried the Mental Drink

The first impression was that this is an energy drink, but one thing that immediately sets NATURALBOOM apart is that it can be drunk hot AND cold, just like any herbal tea and unlike energy drinks. In terms of flavour, NATURALBOOM tasted like ginger juice diluted in mild green tea with a hint of lemon endnotes. It isn’t saccharinely sweet either, and again, this sets it apart from energy drinks that tend to fuel you up through caffeine and copious amounts of sugar.

Since it’s a mental drink, I decided to drink it hot in the mornings as my tea alternative and cold in the afternoons for that perk-me-up. Maybe because I’m a tea-drinker,  I preferred to drink NATURALBOOM warm than cold but it was still refreshing to drink it on a hot afternoon.

In terms of concentration and energy levels, I couldn’t say that I felt an immediate boost but I did feel mentally less drained on one particularly very busy working day. I like that there wasn’t any huge spike followed by a crash in alertness, which I detest whenever I drink caffeinated beverages. As with all-natural products, the effects of this Mental Drink isn’t meant to be immediate but subtle and over a longer period. And since it is low in calories and contains so many nutritious ingredients, it does seem like a good supplementary drink to add to your diet.

This is probably why NATURALBOOM has built a strong following in Campagnolo’s native Italy, and the brand is rolling out its Mental Drink beyond the borders to meet changing preferences and lifestyles towards being natural and healthy.

Where to get it

If you’re interested to try a more natural booster, NATURALBOOM is now available in Singapore at NTUC FairPrice, Redmart and Shopee. For more information, you can also visit




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