Review: Getting Some Smart DIY Massage with OSIM

OSIM International received its first CES Innovation Award from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) for its Smart DIY Massage Chair in the Smart Home category. The Smart DIY Massage Chair was first launched in April 2021, and has been met with a highly positive response globally. It is a first-of-its-kind, customisable massage chair that seamlessly integrates two standalone devices (the uJolly 2 Smart back massager and the uSqueez 2 Smart leg massager). Now, I’m sure you dear readers, would like to know just how smart and good OSIM’s Smart DIY Massage chair is before you make the massage ‘investment’, right? Luckily for us, we managed to try it out for a couple of weeks to give you an honest review.

What makes OSIM’s Smart DIY Massage Chair, smart?

The answer to that, my dear reader, is because the OSIM Smart DIY Massage Chair is an IoT (Internet of Things) device that offers flexibility, customisation and performance at home, in the office, or any other space in which users choose to have their devices placed for their quick pick-me-up.

Through the combination of two powerful standalone devices – the uJolly 2 Smart back massager and uSqueez 2 Smart Leg massager, you can get an integrated and customisable full-body massage experience. Moreover, you can download the proprietary OSIM Smart DOY Massage Chair app to synchronise the devices’ functions to create a fully integrated massage chair experience.

The app syncs both massage devices and features up to 24 unique combinations of full-body massage programmes that combine both back and leg massagers, or a mix-and-match of both devices’ programmes. Both devices are equipped with OSIM’s advanced massage technology, with Enhanced Dual-Action V-Grip Technology and realistic reflexology massage techniques to target and soothe tense muscles.

The app can be synced to the massage chair in a few easy steps:

  1. Download the OSIM Smart DIY app from the Apple App store or Google Play store
  2. Register to login
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the devices for a full-body massage

What’s the verdict?

Firstly, having the “chair” come in two devices mean that it can be easily placed anywhere in your home, office or study. For me, I chose to place it on my sofa in my living room because what’s more relaxing than having a massage while watching a bit of telly? My mother really liked this feature as well, because it isn’t as bulky as the full massage chair and does not take up much space. She commented that if there were visitors, we could easily move the massage chair into the room.

However, that flexibility does have a bit of a downside. As the elastic band behind the uJolly 2 Smart back massager can only be used on a single chair (e.g. dining chair), it kept sliding on my sofa and had to be adjusted before each use. It isn’t a big issue but this would’ve been less of a hassle if there was a handle at the top to pull it up or if the back of the seat wasn’t so smooth so as to prevent it from sliding. Also, it came with a head rest/cushion which didn’t make any sense because it got in the way of getting a neck massage so I took that out and chucked it aside.

Unlike in a full massage chair, the uSqueez 2 Smart Leg massager does not move up or down so that you can easily step out of the “chair”. Hence, sitting on your Smart DIY Massage chair requires a little maneuvering such that the back massager doesn’t slide while you raise and place your feet into the leg massager.

But let’s talk about the massages.

I have waxed lyrical previously about how I love massages and how OSIM’s uCozy saved my shoulders during the lockdown. Now that most of us are still working from home or hybrid, massage machines are really a great tool to ease any tensions, especially if you don’t have the time to regularly visit a spa for a full body oil massage.

I was sadly unable to sync the devices to the app but I don’t think that it took away the benefits from the Smart DIY chair. If anything, the app would’ve enhanced and given you more choices of set programmes and even play some soothing music while you closed your eyes and feel your tension get massaged away.

The good thing about it being two separate devices is that it’s quite a no-brainer if you only want your back massaged or your feet massaged. Nothing complicated and I need not explain to my mother what to do when she only wanted to use the back massager since she had fractured her foot and was unable to use the uSqueez 2.

I’m usually not fond of mechanical back massage machines because they tend to hurt more than soothe but the Enhanced Dual-Action V-Grip Technology in the uJolly 2 was really comfortable. After sitting for long at the desk, the lower back was really thankful to the firm but yet comfortable rolling. My mum is a lot shorter than I am, but the uJolly 2 was smart enough to recognise and adjust itself to give her a full back massage while hitting the right spots. My sole request for the back massager would be to allow the strength of the massage to be adjustable. I wanted a firmer a massage, especially when it rolled to my neck and shoulders, while my mum wanted it more gentle. The only way we could make this adjustment was determined by how much weight we placed when leaning back. Nonetheless, my uCozy still gave me a firmer massage on my shoulders and it was easier to target my knots.

The first time I used the uSqueez 2, my feet ached for the next 2 days and I was hesitant to try again, in fear of hurting myself. Nonetheless, I plucked up some courage (well…more like I love foot reflexology too much) and went for it again. I then found the ‘trick’ to getting the best foot massage. It is all about how you angle your feet in the machine. At a slight tilt, the rollers managed to fully massaged the sides of my feet that were really aching and the last roll towards the heel was fully welcomed with a sigh of contentment. And you can adjust the strength of the massage for the uSqueez!

As the uSqueez 2 also massages the calves, I never realised how much I’ve neglected them until using the device! After a workout session, I could also adjust the device such that it massaged by thighs instead of the calves. Hence, depending on how you adjust the devices, the Smart DIY Massage chair really gives you a full-body massage.

Within the first week, I found myself using the Smart DIY Massage Chair whenever I feel a huge tension in my shoulders or back and I developed a new routine of using it every night, an hour before bedtime so that I’m relaxed and ready to sleep. Needless to say, I slept better during the two weeks that I had the massage chair. As such, it was with huge reluctance that I packed the uJolly 2 and uSqueez 2 back into the boxes when the loan period ended.

Summary and conclusion

Pros Cons
Can be used anywhere in your home, on any chair and does not take up a lot of space If used on a sofa, the uJolly 2 cannot be fixed and may slide
Leg massages’ intensity can be adjusted Back massages’ intensity cannot be adjusted
Able to sync to proprietary app, which features up to 24 unique combinations of full-body massages Devices may not sync up properly and troubleshooting that might prove to be a hassle too. Helpdesk anyone?
More affordable than a ‘normal’ full sized massage chair The wires aren’t very long and you’ll either need an extension plug or place the devices near an electrical outlet
Devices can be used together or individually

Despite the ‘cons’ that I’ve written, I was very sad to see the Smart DIY Massage Chair go and my tense muscles miss it incredibly. Mentally speaking, there already is less stress when you know that you can get a quick pick-me-up that is either next to you (when you’re working from home) or is there waiting for you at home if you’re working in office.

If you can afford it, then I would say go ahead and get one of the various massage devices that suit your needs!

For more information about OSIM’s products, please visit their website

Images: OSIM International 

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