7 Sacred Herbs And Foods For Optimising Your Hormonal Balance

Hormones play a vital part in the human body, even though it is often overlooked by individuals. Without hormones, our bodies would not function normally. There is quite a large number of different hormones in the body, each playing their own essential role in maintaining certain features or functions of the body. Some hormones affect our moods, while others are involved in satiety, digestion or even the reproductive system. An imbalance in hormones can cause many adverse effects in the body, such as sexual problems in men. This is because certain hormones, such as testosterone and 0estrogen, play a vital part in maintaining a healthy sex drive and overall sexual function in both genders.

Both genders have testosterone and 0estrogen. In a male’s body, however, testosterone is superior to 0estrogen and, in a female’s body, 0estrogen is the superior sex hormone. The other primary sex hormone is still present, but in much smaller doses than the superior hormone. When hormones are in balance, the reproductive system and the person’s sexual function tend to work normally, but when hormones are out-of-balance, it can cause many problems to develop.

Restoring Optimum Hormonal Balance, Naturally

There are medical options available to help restore the hormonal balance in people who have too much of certain hormones or too little of some important hormone types. Amongst men, testosterone replacement therapy is a particularly popular option, and 0estrogen replacement therapy is popular amongst women. These treatments do tend to cause side-effects, however; thus not making them the most appropriate option for every person. Let’s take a look at some excellent food sources that can also help you balance out your hormonal levels without disrupting your lifestyle by causing side-effects to occur. We are going to look at foods that can boost testosterone level in men and at several natural sources to improve 0estrogen production in women.

1. Oysters For Men

We have all heard the saying that oysters cause a person’s sex drive to increase, and for a good reason. These seafood items are extremely rich in zinc, which is an essential trace mineral that plays a big part in different systems and parts of the human body. For one, zinc is involved in the production of sperm. A high level of zinc in the body may help to increase sperm production and could even be of help in men who are struggling with their fertility. There is also a strong link between adequate levels of zinc and adequate levels of testosterone. Healthline reports that a low level of zinc can mean a low level of testosterone for men; thus eating oysters regularly will not only boost up your sex drive, but will also balance out your testosterone levels.

2. Tuna For Men And Women

Oysters are not the only seafood that is excellent for maintaining a healthy hormonal balance. Tuna, and some other fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, are exceptionally high in vitamin D – the “sunshine” vitamin. Vitamin D has many benefits for the human body and plays important roles in various parts of the body. It also acts upon the production of hormones. Anabolic Men reports that vitamin D has been proven to boost testosterone levels in men. Paleo For Women also reports that a link has been made between a low 0estrogen count and vitamin D deficiency in women.

3. Lean Cut Ground Beef For Men And Women

Lean cut beef is delicious and a favorite amongst most meat lovers. Even though some reports have been made about a potential increased risk of developing colon cancer when eating beef, it is important to consider the fact that those reports are only valid in cases where a person eats too much beef. Choosing lean cut beef cuts out unnecessary and unhealthy fats, while offering the body a high dose of both zinc and vitamin D – a double combination of ingredients that are good for testosterone. The vitamin D content may also help to balance 0estrogen levels in women.

4. Chickpeas For Women

Chickpeas are used in many different dishes, but people often fail to realise just how beneficial this food type is for their health. Chickpeas are packed with protein, manganese, folate, fibre and more. In addition to these nutrients, chickpeas also contain plant-derived phytoestrogens. When a woman consumes plants with phytoestrogens, it may assist with increasing their natural levels of oestrogen; thus restoring a better hormonal balance. But of course, if you do know that you have too much oestrogen, do cut back on chickpeas and soy.

5. Cashews For Men

It is a well-known fact that nuts are good for the brain. The truth is, yes, nuts are excellent for boosting cognitive performance, but also has an advantage for the hormonal balance of men. Cashews, in particular, contains three essential compounds that can raise levels of testosterone in the male body – these include magnesium, zinc and monounsaturated fats. Cashews are also usually amongst the list of foods that are recommended to men to increase sperm volume and to assist with enhancing their fertility.

6. Raisins For Men

While raisins may not be a favorite for every person, they surely are nutritional and, for those who do like them, very delicious. Raisins are powerful antioxidants and contain protein, fibre, potassium, iron, vitamin B6, calcium and vitamin K. In addition to these, raisins are also packed with magnesium. Anabolic Men reports that a link has been made between magnesium and free testosterone in men, which refers to the amount of testosterone that is circulating through the bloodstream.

7. Apples For Women

You have heard the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” before. Apples are probably one of the most popular fruit on the plant and yes, they are very healthy for you. The most significant health benefit of apples is the high antioxidant content, but they also contain phytonutrients, dietary fibre, flavonoids and, of course, are high in numerous vitamins that are also beneficial. Apples are also high in natural 0estrogen, which can assist with restoring hormonal balance in the female body.


Sexual function, as well as the ability to reproduce, relies on the production of certain hormones. Each hormone has its own function to play. In the male body, testosterone is essential for normal sexual function, whereas 0estrogen is needed for normal sexual function in the female body. A hormone imbalance can cause havoc on a person’s sexual function, their fertility and even on other parts of their life. If you suspect an imbalance in hormones, then turn towards the food sources we have outlined here to help you restore the natural balance of your hormones.

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