Retreat to the Sanctuary of Fivelements

The Fivelements Puri Ahimsa is one of Bali’s most lauded eco-tourism resorts. Located away from the hustle and bustle of central Ubud, amidst tranquil highlands that are surrounded by lush rainforests, waterfalls, rice padi fields and with the sacred Ayung River flowing through, the Fivements is a premier eco-conscious holistic healing destination where guests and visitors alike may experience inner peace and deep rejuvenation of their senses. Time honoured traditions and deeply rooted principles of the Balinese civilization pervade this natural sanctuary where modern plant-based science meets ancient sacred arts.

Fivelements is inspired by and gets its namesake from the revered Balinese concept of “Panca Mahabhuta” which is based off the Vedic tradition of the five essential elements of life: air, water, fire, earth and ether. Dedicated to their visionary motto of “love in action”, the award winning retreat encourages guests to nurture a harmonious equilibrium that is directly influenced by the integral values of the Balinese people by virtue of emulating their spiritual practices, wholesome organic diets, and unique culture. The resort takes on an integrative approach to organic healing and absolute wellness that ensures one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being are all equally balanced while respecting and persevering the natural landscape and environment.

Surrounded by nature within the retreat centre

Guided by the “Tri Hita Karana” philosophy, which takes into account the characteristics and notions of each of the five elements of life, the architects and builders of this elemental sanctuary consulted with respected Balinese priests and involved the local community in every step of their design conceptualisation and construction process. Built with natural, unprocessed materials such as bamboo, rattan, stone, timber and coconut, the Fivelements was designed to utilise passive cooling systems such as the unique “bio-mimicry” ceiling fan design and environmental shades to reduce the carbon footprint of air-conditioning. Other eco-friendly initiatives include the use of LED lighting technology and low-level wattage that leads to a massive and impressive 95% reduction in electricity consumption. The result is a cohesive symbiotic union between eco-consciousness and environmental sustainability that is synergised with the expected amenities required for a comfortable retreat stay or day spa visit.

With an extensive menu listing of sacred ceremonies, family friendly activities, luxurious spa treatments and appetising organic living foods to choose from, one will be utterly pampered and spoiled for choice in this sensual paradise fit for the Gods. Guests are greeted in an ambrosial sanctum comprising of spacious coconut husk roof hut structures strewn over lush gardens and well-maintained courtyards teeming with vibrant tropical flora and fauna. One of my favourite things to do at the Fivelements has got to be the highly popular and dynamic Agnihotra fire purification ceremony that is led by an experienced Balinese priest. Other notable activities include water hydrotherapy, djembe drum jamming sessions, spiritual Aikido, as well as holistic yoga sessions at the two purpose-built shaded bamboo framed structures.

The best thing about one’s stay at the Fivelements has got to be the incredible organic raw vegan food that is second to none. Little wonder that many guests specifically choose to visit the Fivelements as a destination onto its own for its plethora of scrumptiously delicious raw food offerings that are jammed packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients. As a leading healing destination, the Fivelements appreciates and understands that food is more than simply body fuel. The retreat is centred on a philosophy that focuses on the consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, etc in their natural state as much as possible. When food is prepared raw, or only lightly heated at under 48oC, they are chockfull of nutrients and enzymes that are required for proper digestion and cellular regeneration. Thus, an organic vegan diet of raw living foods can actively support one’s journey to greater vitality, longevity, mental clarity, illness prevention and treatment.

Talented and knowledgeable master chef Made Tantra supervises the Sakti dining room with his decades of experience meticulously preparing gourmet raw food using ancient Ayurvedic principals. Chef Made prides himself in curating the most exquisite and delectable artisanal raw vegan dishes with his dedicated team for all retreat guests and day visitors to enjoy and indulge in. A gastronomical trip to the Sakti dining room is guaranteed to make any raw food neophyte squeal with wonderment and amazement. Who would have thought that raw vegan food could look so appealing and also taste this good?

Those in Hong Kong or visiting there some time soon will be glad to know that Fivelements has since opened a wellness retreat there. Tucked away in the lavishly green undulating hills of Sai Kung, the Fivelements Hong Kong is a sprawling 4000 sqm holistic urban wellness retreat offering athlete training support, executive programmes and spa treatments for the whole family. Expanding on their multi-award-winning resort in Bali, this newly opened wellness haven features integrative holistic retreats and exclusive day programmes that combines Balinese-inspired rituals, epicurean plant-based cuisine and transformative sacred arts practices that are aimed to revitalise busy urbanites and stressed out city dwellers in need of rejuvenation.


Address: Puri Ahimsa Banjar Baturning, Mambal, Bali, Indonesia 80352
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +62 361 469 260

For bookings and more information, please kindly visit


Contributed by Luke Elijah, Spiritual Coach

Photo credits: Luke Elijah

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