5 Health Hacks for the Holidays

It’s time for a holiday. As healthy as we may be on a day to day basis, time away always presents unlimited opportunities for falling off the wagon . If you’re usually super healthy and disciplined, this can lead to a downward spiral of overconsumption and negative self talk.

Remember – you are on holiday, it’s ok to give yourself a bit of a break. Try the foods, take in the culture and don’t forget the 80:20 rule. The stress associated with healthy eating can actually result in and adverse effect within the body. Moderation is key. Try not to let your eating habits take over the enjoyment of your holiday and make healthy choices where you can.

Here are 5 simple health hacks for holiday:

1. Stop eating when you’re full

This may seem obvious but for some reason on holiday we tend to overeat and over drink. Chewing your food, tasting your food and stopping when you’ve had enough can really help. Do you really need that second or third plate at the breakfast buffet? If your stomach feels like it’s about to burst, it probably is! You’re body is not used to this amount of food and this feeling is a sure sign to stop.

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2. Get hold of some wholesome snacks

When you’re out and about and need some sustenance, it’s easy to go for anything to satisfy your hunger. I tend to stock up on a homemade trail mix or source local nuts and carry them with me. Get hold of whatever works for you and your body.

3. Get moving

Whether you’re on the beach or on a skiing trip, there’s always room to use up some of that extra energy. Moving your body will ensure the energy produced from your food intake is utilised and will prevent it being stored as body fat. Opt to walk and see the sights whenever possible instead of taking the bus or tram within tourist spots.

4. Swap the fizz for a fresh customised juice

Opting for a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie instead of a coke or carbonated beverage can make a huge difference to how your body feels due to the sugar and type of sugars in the drinks.

5. Drink loads of water

We often underestimate how hot weather can dehydrate us and we think we’re hungry when really our body is crying out for water. Get glugging to stay refreshed and hydrated.

Holidays are to be enjoyed. Get involved with the local culture and cuisine whilst staying on top of how you feel. Listen to your body – if something isn’t working, simply stop it!


This article was contributed by Dr Surinder Arora.

Photo credits: Pixabay

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