The Art of Self-Defence – Intermediate Part 1 (with infographic)

We’ve covered the basics of self-defence and while you practise those, it is important to learn how to use them in various situations while also learning how to counter-attack in order to create an opportunity for you to escape. Do scroll down to look through the basic steps before moving on.

Tip: when faced with such a situation, screaming “Help” is not as effective as shouting “Fire!” (this is most applicable in urban towns or cities). This is due to the “bystander effect” where there are more bystanders witnessing an emergency, the less likely any of them would help due to the idea of shared responsibility – where there will be others who would step up to help.



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where we covered how to go into defensive positions where you are guarding and protecting yourself from injuries should someone attack. However, it is also important to learn how to counter-attack so as to buy yourself time to escape.

Click on the infographic below for more details or view the hour-long video below that summarises the basics as well as some of the intermediate strikes.



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Infographic by The Wellness Insider with images from U-Elite Martial Fitness.


Lorna Jane AU, SG, EU

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