5 Reasons to Try Swimming

Exercising is an important aspect of staying fit. Normally when we think of exercising, we think of running or lifting weights, but there’s another great method that offers more advantages for our body and health – swimming. Swimming is considered one of the best cardiovascular exercises thanks to the effects that it can have on the heart and blood circulation.

When you swim, your whole body has to move in a coordinated manner, thus improving your endurance as well as toning and strengthening your body, which allowed it to earn its place as one of the best aerobic exercises you can do.

Swimming can be practiced by everyone regardless of age or physical condition. It’s very easy to learn and there’s little risk of injury thanks to the fact that the water helps to support a lot of strain to our limbs and muscles while providing a natural resistance.

If that doesn’t convince you to take up swimming as part of your fitness regime, then here are a few other reasons for why you should consider it.


Slows Down Aging and Strengthens the Brain

Swimming can help slow down aging in people older than 35, this is mainly because of how swimming strengthens the whole body with time, thus keeping it fit and agile. It’s not just physical benefits though, swimming also helps others feel more confident and makes them more active, which can in turn keep them from feeling the effects of aging as much as others.

That’s not all! When we’re swimming, our body becomes more alert and is able to react faster thanks to the way that swimming improves our movement and coordination. At the same time, it can help us work on our memory as we have to remember different breathing techniques to ensure that we do not run out of oxygen while swimming.

Improves Quality of Life

When we swim, much like with any exercise, our body produces endorphins that create a sensation of happiness after we’re done; these endorphins can help raise our self-esteem and in turn improve the way in which we see ourselves and go about our daily lives.

Of course, doing so comes only with time. At first, it’ll be hard to get everything right, which can lead to a lot of frustration, but the act of practicing and sticking to something in order to see how we can improve is another factor that greatly increases people’s mental state and confidence.

Supports Weight Loss and Increases Lung Performance

One of the most obvious reasons for taking up this sport is weight loss. Swimming requires our muscles to work harder than they would on the ground due to the fact that we have to use every muscle in our body in order to break through the water, which can in turn exert a lot more pressure on us. However, at the same time we also don’t get tired as fast as we would with running, as our bodies become a lot lighter once we’re moving in the water.

But our bodies are only one important aspect of swimming, breathing is another key factor that comes with it. When you start you have to learn different breathing exercises and routines to follow in order to improve your lung capacity for when you’re in the water. All of this together with our bodies helps increase our flexibility and elasticity.

Helps with Muscle Problems and Blood Circulation

Hydrotherapy is recognised as one of the best types of therapies when it comes to treating physical problems, especially for older people. It can have lasting effects that improve muscle and bone issues in zones like the back, lower back cervical area and arthrosis issues on the knees, hips and ankles.

Swimming also improves circulatory diseases, especially for those that suffer from varicose veins. At the same time, it can be very relaxing thanks to the way the water can help our body feel refreshed and calm once we come out of the pool.

Good for Meeting People

Humans are, at the end of the day, social animals and being able to interact with others is very important when it comes to our development and wellbeing. Swimming and Hydrotherapy are activities that bring a lot of people and in turn require us to form relationships with others.

Whether it’d be the trainer who coaches us or fellow swimmers who are looking to exercise or improve their health, we’re able to form connections and that help in maintaining social and mental health.

That being said, while swimming and water related activities offer a lot of benefits, one still has to be careful when practicing it. Like most sports, you have to make sure to have the proper equipment for what you’re going to be doing, such as swimsuits and swimming goggles to protect your eyes. Also, being self-aware of your skill level is important, if you have trouble floating or swimming then let others know and use the proper gear to be able to adapt to the water.

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After all that the last thing you really need is determination to start and keep going no matter what. Swimming is a sport that requires dedication and can get tiring but with time it will become a rewarding life experience.

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