10 Healthy Snacks That You Must Try

Are you having a lazy afternoon watching TV, or just hanging out at home? Maybe you had a small lunch or you just happen to have a hunkering for a snack. Well, before you go and grab that bag of potato chips, you have to remember that if you’re someone who wants to be mindful of your health, then you can’t cut any corners if at all possible. But then you wonder, are there really any snacks that can be good and healthy? It’s not like you can just go and by a buffet of vegetables like the one they put at parties and baby carrots might act as a snack, but they’re not that appetising on their own.

Well, don’t stress yourself because we’ve got quite a few healthy snacks that you can try out, some of these are simple, others are more complex but you can be sure that they’re all fun and delicious. Some of these snacks are also great as appetisers to serve at parties!

1. Dried Nuts

These are probably one of the simplest healthy snacks that you can go for, even the store-bought ones are healthier than most of anything else that you could buy. They usually come with a different assortment of nuts that you can chew on, all with different tastes and vitamins that they come with. They’re sweet but since they’re dried, they can also have an added salt to it and the crunchiness will be enough to please your teeth.

2. Celery Sticks

Yes, we did just say that eating baby carrots or a vegetable spread by itself can’t exactly be the most appetizing thing, but celery sticks are a bit different, and kind of odd to be honest. Celery sticks aren’t good by themselves but they can be used with practically any type of dipping sauce, from sour cream to guacamole to even peanut butter! You honestly have less chances of going wrong with a celery stick than with any other vegetable. You can buy them already chopped or chop some yourself, it’s really up to you. This adds fibre and helps to give you that full feeling faster so that you will not snack as much.

3.Spinach Rolls

Do you love cinnamon rolls? Well here’s something that’s quite like it. Spinach Rolls are a tasty, healthier substitute to the commonly known cinnamon rolls, making use of ingredients like mashed potatoes, chilli and amchur to create a mix and adding in the spinach makes it a snack that’s fun to make and fun to eat. You can even eat them with ketchup and chutney or use dips thanks to its saltier flavor.

4. Veggie Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese is a tasty and simple sandwich that anyone can make, and grilled is probably the best way to eat a sandwich anyway. But you can always make that grilled cheese healthy by mixing it up a bit. Thanks to the fact that sandwiches are easily customisable, you can add any vegetable of your choosing along with the cheese.

A good way to do this is cook up a tomato and onion grilled cheese sandwich, using your own choice of cheese as the base. Also, add butter or an alternative to butter instead of sauces, while they’re not the healthiest they are certainly better than any sauce.

5. Cauliflower Popcorn

Now this one is quite a surprise. Cauliflower isn’t the most popular vegetable around sure, but it can be quite tasty. Now, while popcorn itself isn’t a bad snack, in fact corn is a vegetable that you should add more often (read our previous article on “12 Veg to Add to Your Diet“), if you want to go for an even healthier route then this is also a choice. All you have to do is remove the stems and core of the cauliflower, leaving only the head.

Then it’s just a matter of adding some salt and olive oil and putting it in the oven until the pieces are golden brown. Then you can just chew away and enjoy them with a movie or your favourite television series.

6. Mini Cauliflower Pizza

This cauliflower based recipe has multiple functions; it can be cooked as a snack or even lunch. It’s a little more complex than the other recipes featured in this list as it requires you to do a bit more work, but the basis isn’t any different from the last entry.

Simply remove the stem and core one more and then cook the cauliflowers in a food processor until they obtain a rice-like texture before heating them up.  You can put them on a muffin liner to make them compact and also give them a shape and then add them in the oven. So in a way you’re making both pizza and muffins!

7. Kale Chips

Kale is a vegetable that can be surprisingly hard to make tasty, but it gets easier if you know different ways to cook it. However, with the right work you can make them a good replacement for the oh so treacherous potato chips.

For Kale Chips you just have to remove the kale’s leafs and gently massage them with some olive oil, and then you can add a little smoked paprika, chili, garlic and onion powder and even add a little sea salt for a saltier taste. After that it’s just a matter of baking it in the oven for a few minutes and enjoying the fruits of your labour.

8. Avocado Pudding

This recipe is a little bit out there when you think about it. When you think of pudding, avocado certainly isn’t one you think of, but it also depends on how you do it. For this one you’ll need a ripe avocado, some milk and honey as well as granola and crushed almonds.

It’s surprisingly simple, you just have to blend the avocado with the milk and honey until it turns into a garnish and then you add it in the granola and almonds. Poof, instant avocado pudding, you can even chill it in the fridge to make it colder. For a vegan option, simply switch the honey with palm sugar syrup or any other sweetener of your choice.

9. Pita Chips

For this snack you don’t need much, you only need to buy some pita bread, cut it into triangles and then add a little olive oil or dressing , oregano or other spices like pepper and paprika. After that, much like other snacks in these list, put it in the oven and wait a bit before it’s done (ovens are your best friends!) after that you can enjoy them with any dip or even as a side dish.

10. Caprese Garlic Bread

A caprese is an Italian salad that utilises tomatoes, cheese, basil and olive oil as its base, while normally it’s treated as an appetiser during multiple-course meals, it’s also very easy to modify and make it even tastier.

For a Caprese Garlic Bread, it’s just a matter of grabbing those same base ingredients and putting them on the bread, making sure to put some butter on it then add the cheese, oregano, tomatoes and olive oil. Lastly, add just a tinge of garlic and put them in the oven to give them that crispy feel that will also melt the cheese and dry the tomatoes just enough while also allow them to take in the juices from the oil.


As you’ve probably noticed by reading through the article, the biggest thing about all these snacks is experimenting. While we’ve given links on different recipes that you can try out as well as mentioned some examples ourselves, at the end of the day, it’s up to you to experiment while also keeping in mind about eating balanced meals throughout the day.

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