How Can Massage Help My Health and Wellbeing?

Most people love massages. They are fun and they make you feel so good. However, there is much more to massages than simple pleasure and relaxation at the end of your day. They also have many health benefits you shouldn’t disregard. So, if you’re considering getting a nice massage any time soon, here are some of the reasons you should definitely go for it.

It can relieve lower back pain

Majority of the adult population will experience lower back pain at some period during their lives. This pain can be caused by some pre-existing condition, while sometimes you won’t be able to tell what’s causing it, but if it doesn’t subside in a week or two, you should seek help. Even though massages may not solve the problem completely and rid you of all of the discomforts, they can be very helpful in controlling the level of pain you feel and make you feel significantly better. A massage will stimulate the larger nerve fibres in your body, which will then signal your brain faster than it will signal the pain in your lower back. This means that the good feeling you get from the massage can mask and suppress the pain, giving you the relief that you were hoping for.

It can alleviate headaches


A headache can ruin any day and any good experience, making it difficult for you to function normally, whether at home or at work. Again, this is something a massage can help you deal with. This is probably due to the fact that some headaches are caused by overactivity or other issues with the nerves and muscles located in your neck and head. When you get a massage, pressure is applied gently to precisely these areas and can relieve you of any tension you have there. For instance, Thai massages focus on your forehead, different points of your head, as well as on your shoulders, neck and all the areas between them to ease your pain and clear your mind in the process.

It can improve your sleep

If you’re sleep-deprived, suffering from insomnia or you simply sleep restlessly and keep waking up during the night, you’ve probably felt the consequences of it the following day. Your immune function may be weakened, you probably have trouble focusing on anything, it’s more difficult to deal with stressful situations and any pain you may experience feels much worse. Fortunately, nowadays it’s easy to book a relaxing professional massage online. Such a massage may encourage good sleeping patterns and allow you to sleep with fewer disturbances. It can influence your entire nervous system in a positive way so that you unwind and rest. When you’re relaxed and calm, it’s much easier to restore your deep sleep throughout the night and be your normal and active self the next day.

It can relax your muscles


The way that massages relieve you of pain is through targeting its source. And since tense muscles usually are that source, they’re what your massage will be aimed at. By eliminating the tension in your muscles, you get better general flexibility, as well as increased relaxation not only of the targeted muscles but your entire body as well. Furthermore, since massages improve your circulation, any sore or injured muscles in your body will receive more oxygen and nutrients, which will lower their stiffness and possible swelling. Finally, massage therapy is known to entice your body to release endorphins, which can decrease your pain and increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body. The presence of all these hormones means less physical pain, more calmed nerves and improved mood.

It can contribute to lowering your blood pressure

Massages are considered relaxing, and when your body relaxes, your heart rate drops towards a normal level, your breathing gets easier and, most importantly, your blood pressure decreases. This is a very important benefit of massages, since high blood pressure can lead to a whole series of life-threatening conditions and diseases, such as stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and others. Getting massages regularly may reduce both, your systolic and your diastolic blood pressure, which those people who suffer from hypertension will probably highly appreciate. Moreover, massages can help you manage anxiety, tension, stress and even depression, all of which normally cause your blood pressure to rise. When they are dealt with, it may be much easier to normalise your blood pressure, too.

As enjoyable as massages normally are, the health benefits they can provide you with are worth much more than the good feeling they give you. So, if you’ve been indecisive about getting a massage, there’s no reason to be. Book your massage today. Your body will be more than grateful for it.

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