What Is Chronic Inflammation And How To Alleviate It?

Chronic inflammation is a problem affecting your body, which causes your immune system to mistakenly attack healthy tissues. It is an autoimmune disorder that has been around for a while, especially after you have suffered from an injury or an infection. On the site of the inflammation, the cells go through a progressive change, where they start to destruct and repair the tissue at the same time. This can lead to skin problems and even metabolic syndrome. Once you have been diagnosed with chronic inflammation, the effects of it will not go away unless you are prescribed medications. Alleviating the problem is not easy, as chronic inflammation is an indication that the cause of this problem is already at an elevated stage. While it is considered severe, there are treatments and solutions that can help with the chronic inflammation situation and alleviate the problem.

An example of skin inflammation – rashes

Taking Additional Supplements

Supplements can help reduce the inflammation and therefore, the impact of it. This doesn’t mean downing copious amounts of multivitamins or antioxidants. For example, if you suffer from eczema, you are most likely going to have a low level of vitamin D in your body hence a vitamin D supplement can help your situation get better. Chronic inflammation can happen anywhere in the body, so it is best to consult a medical professional on which supplement(s) best suits your needs.

Strive to get a healthy gut

If you have a healthy stomach or gut, your body is most likely going to be healthy and strong. Without a healthy gut, you are prone to fall sick and get diseases or infections. To get a healthy gut, you have to make sure you are eating the right food – food that is good for your gut. So many food items are not safe for the gut and it might even be a problem if you are allergic to some of them. Gluten, sugar, eggs, soda, soy and some artificial ingredients are commonly known to be food triggers for the gut. For your gut to be in a good condition, make sure to take enough fibre, drink plenty of water and take probiotics. You can also use oral antimicrobial and anti-yeast agents if there is an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria.

Take extra precautions of your surroundings

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For cases of chronic inflammation that are connected to allergies, asthma and sinus, your surroundings play a big part in your state of health. Smoke, dust, weather and pets are among the common environmental triggers that can make your situation worst. To make sure the air around you is clean and pure, you can try a humidifier or HEPA air filter to keep your place safe from dust and mould.

The help of natural topical treatments

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Inflammatory skin diseases affect most dermatology patients. Sometimes medications can help keep the skin under control while at other times, only natural topical treatments can come to the rescue. Topical treatments can help reduce any cases of flare-ups and damaged skin. It works on the skin by moisturising, protecting and healing the damaged cells. Natural topical treatments are even better than steroid topical treatments, as the process is safer and the skin is more likely not going to suffer from any side effect. Steroid topical treatments might help greatly in some cases, but this line of treatment does come with side effects that might not be severe depending on the patient’s case.


We can’t say enough about the benefits of regular exercise. Even if you’re not striving to have a washboard stomach, regular exercise will help you alleviate symptoms of inflammation as well as maintain overall health. Needless to say, you need to adjust the exercise to suit your body. For example, if your knees are often inflammed, you would not want to be engaging in high-impact sports such as tennis but you may instead choose to do more strength training or yoga.

Control your mental health


In life, a lot of things might be out of control but what you do have control over is your mind, body and soul. It is up to you whether you want to let your situation control you or gain control of the situation. At first, it is not going to be simple to not let the usual things affect you and cause you stress. As time passes by, you will learn that sometimes it’s best to not let anything affect you as it is better for your state of mind. Being less stressful and getting control of your mental health will help make your health better, which in turn will help alleviate the chronic inflammation that is affecting you. By taking it easy, you will feel better mentally and physically.


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