Top 8 Yoga Retreats in UAE and Africa

Summer season in the Arabian Peninsula is growing in popularity as the perfect option to recoup and refresh, and yoga retreats have grown to be particularly well-liked for such a reason. With several new studios popping up as well as the inception of International Yoga Day (which is celebrated on 21st June) in 2015, it only shows the expanding interest in this medieval exercise that connects your brain, entire body, heart and soul.

As such, we’ve chosen our favourite yoga retreats in the UAE and South Africa, some of which features retreats that mix yoga with scuba diving, juicing, deep breathing, surfing along with other activities. At this point, there’s absolutely no justification not to loosen up this season. So, let’s take a look that these exciting yoga retreats, especially the Atlantis underwater yoga class, which is one of its kind!

Akashic Adventures, Zimbali Forest, South Africa

This amazing luxurious getaway is nestled in a secured nature reserve inside an exotic woodland along the Indian Sea. The surroundings are ideal for deep breathing and meditation, with the concentration on light meditation and deep rest tactics to formulate lucidity, awareness, stability, and tranquility. Reiki and crystal recovery are also readily available; you can also take pleasure in Mother Nature on a backpack. Each luxurious private villas overlook the sea and woodland, ensuring that you are away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Yoga Zanzibar, Tanzania

If you wish to actually heighten your comprehension about yoga, or even practice with sand between the toes and fingers, then this is the perfect getaway. It offers early morning and sunset yoga exercise courses, inhaling and exhaling workouts and casual conversations about yoga subjects. The remainder of your time can certainly be allocated to the island’s stunning seashores, snorkeling, scuba diving or even going for a Dhow sailing cruise trip.

The Station Retreat Resort, Seychelles

This particular ‘virtue meditation holiday’ is managed by power healers, who make an effort to draw you into awareness with recovery positions, day spa remedies and productive classes. You start with a specific two-hour discussion having a homeopath to create a bespoke schedule, to that you’re likely to stay with to get the best advantages.

Yoga Detoxification Retreats, Dalyan, Turkey

Combining meditation with a juice-fast as well as colon-cleanse, this particular getaway offers to be a “powerful as well as comprehensive detox for the entire body, thoughts, and spirit.” The fluid only consists of organic and natural fruit and veggies to detox, recover and reinforce the intestinal system, which is required for overall wellbeing.

The all-natural environment also stimulates your sensory faculties to take a rest, making an effort to slow up the intellect and let you recall exactly who you are. In addition to instructed fasting, the particular retreat consists of early morning deep breathing, 12 Hatha meditation courses along with a Turkish hammam.

Shabby and Stylish Meditation Getaway, Mauritius

Emerge a breath-taking place; this sanctuary is designed to transform your standpoint on lifestyle which helps you be bold more than enough to experience your ambitions. Among the day-to-day pranayama, meditation and yoga there’s the point in time for adventures and pursuits such as scuba diving. It also helps that they have trainers who have been educated all over the world and communicate in a number of different foreign languages.

Surf and Yoga Retreat, Morocco


In case you don’t believe you can deal with everything that downtime in between meditation and yoga, or else you only desire to merge a couple of fun things to do, Morocco has an ample choice of yoga and surf retreats. This Surf Star Meditation features a morning meditation period before punching the Atlantic surf. And then any exhausted muscle tissues after the day are reconditioned with a yin meditation treatment.



Red Sea Diving in Marsa Nakari, Egypt

Combining scuba diving, the desert, deep breathing and meditation, this particular retreat has everything. It offers a one-hour self-healing as well as instructed deep breathing either in the early morning or at sunset, making use of simple workouts and inhaling and exhaling techniques to help individuals comprehend the signals their bodies are delivering in order to relieve soreness, stress, heavy feelings and emotions.

Additionally, it consists of 4 guided delves, unlimited scuba diving on the particular house reef, night time in the wasteland, with an instructed Astro excursion and evening meal, and other optional pursuits.

The Atlantis The Palm Underwater Yoga Class, Dubai

If you want something a little unusual, then you would want to try out the distinctive underwater yoga classes in Dubai. The Atlantis, The Palm holds meditation classes in a dim tank-like space known as the Ambassador Lagoon, that is placed inside the resort’s Chambers Aquarium tank, so people can easily watch the gorgeous ocean life swimming around them as they practise their poses. Attendees can certainly have fun with yoga and fitness while viewing over 60,000 varied sea critters dart as well as float around them.

The particular 20-person instructional classes tend to be open to any person of any capacity, plus they are held each and every Thursday and Friday. It costs 130 Dirham and includes a yoga mat, a bottle of water as well as valet parking.

While people perform their “downward dog,” they can easily view marine life frolicking in the water around them and by way of a maze of under the sea passages and passageways. The sea animals contain sharks, eels, piranhas, lobsters, octopus, turtles, and a huge selection of species of vibrant, spectacular fish. The Atlantis is without a doubt a high-end vacation resort situated on the renowned Palm Jumeirah isle, that is one of the three human-made Palm Isles in Dubai that extend into the Neighborhood Gulf off the Emirate’s landmass. This huge building has 1,400 visitor spaces and rooms, as well as high-end amenities such as several connoisseur dining places, a luxurious health spa and wellness centre, cosmetic salons, children clubs, pubs, and clubs, along with an exclusive white-sand seashore.


With these yoga retreats in mind, perhaps you might want to visit one of these places during this holiday season!

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