Top 5 Wellness Tips from a Reiki Specialist

As a Deep Tissue Massage and Reiki specialist, Ria Cantle has refined her practice alongside industry experts at renowned Ananda in the Himalayas before travelling the world. Hailing from Bath, Ria began her career as an Auxiliary Nurse before taking the leap to utilise her innate caring nature within the wellness industry.

Ria Cantle, Reiki specialist

During her time in Northern India, Ria worked alongside some of the world’s leading wellness practitioners, absorbing their extensive experience and intensifying her own desire to explore holistic practices that benefit the mind, body and soul. That has led her to specialise in Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki and Crystal Healing. She now helms the spa at the luxurious resort, The Sanchaya in Bintan, Indonesia where she has incorporated elements unique to the Indonesian archipelago into a fresh menu of organic scrubs. We got the chance to find out from her, what her top 5 wellness tips are, in order to feel our best.

1. Get outside and engage with nature!

I really believe in finding time to take a walk – no matter what the season – by a river, through a forest, in a park, down a country lane, by the shore. Spending time outside helps to clear your mind and truly appreciate nature, making your heart sing and bringing a smile to your face.

The Sanchaya from the beach

Since I’ve started working at The Sanchaya, my favourite way to engage with nature is to take a stroll along the beach first thing in the morning – it’s so calm and peaceful, and really helps me to mentally prepare for the day ahead. Our spa is surrounded by lush, tropical gardens, which we really embrace through our treatments, encouraging guests to embrace the essence of nature.

2. Remember to breathe

It may sound silly, but focusing on your breathing is a really important strategy in terms of mental and physical wellbeing. When you start to feel stressed, take a deep breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, allowing the breath to reach down to your diaphragm. Breath rhythmically and silently.

3. Reiki Principles to live by

Just for Today, I will not worry, get angry
Just for Today, I will work honestly
Be graceful
Be kind to all living things

Reiki is one of my specialties, and something I am introducing to the wellness offerings at The Sanchaya.

4. Make aromatherapy part of your day

Interior of The Sanchaya spa treatment room

There are powerful qualities when it comes to scent and how it affects our moods. I never go anywhere without a small phial of lavender oil and always put a few drops on my pillow each night to induce peaceful sleep. We use a range of natural oils in The Sanchaya spa, and guests can customise their treatment by choosing a scent of their choice.

5. Believe in the power of crystals

Crystal Healing is another key component of my training and holistic wellness philosophy. No matter what challenge or situation you are facing, there is a crystal that you can use to enhance your mood. I encourage anyone interested in learning more about the power of crystals to explore this, seeking expert advice if you are unsure.


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Photo credits: Pixabay and The Sanchaya


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