Honey Drinks That Are Shaken, Stirred and Crafted by a Bot

Impacted by Singapore’s struggling retail scene, Sophia Lim, dreamt of setting up a cafe to revitalise her honey distribution business Honey House. It finally came to fruition this week with the launch of Honeymill, a first­ of-its-kind honey concept store with a robot, Honeybot that creates honey drinks. Sophia and her team spent nine months developing Honeybot which is programmed to differentiate 20 variations of honey and is located at Marina One The Heart.

Boy looking at Honeybot, world’s first robot to craft honey drinks

Innovation to beat retail crunch

Honeymill targets to serve 300 cups of honey drinks to an office crowd everyday. “If we do not innovate, it will not be possible for us to beat the retail crunch. We have to explore evolving our business to keep up with times. Preparing honey drinks require dedication and consistency. I dedicated much of my time and effort into honeybot so that customers can enjoy a consistent dose of honey in each cup,” said Sophia.

Fancy a drink?

Customers can choose from signature honey drinks such as Manuka Mystic, Citrus C, Dairy Adventure, Eucaberry and Rawsome Blossom. Shaped like a robotic arm, Honeybot would then get busy prepping by going through the designated stations to dispense and stir honey, toppings and water. Customers can also customise their orders by choosing from 20 varieties of honey.

“Create Your Own” Honey Drink

  1. Choose from an assortment of honey ranging from floral, fruity, herbal, nutty and woody
  2. Add toppings such as honey jelly, coffee jelly and calamansi.
  3. Select your drink to be served iced, warm or sparkling.

First in Asia with Italy’s premium honey creme

In addition to honey drinks, Honeymill is also the first store in Asia to bring premium honey creme products from Italy, which can be consumed like a bread spread. Customers can also purchase ready-to-eat honey creme packs with breadsticks or lavosh at $5 per box. Those who like their cakes will also be glad to know that Honey swiss rolls are also offered at Honeymill.

Ready-to-eat Honey Creme Pack, priced at S$5, with breadsticks and lavosh

Guilt-free pleasures

Honeymill’s guilt-free temptations include honey swiss rolls and honey cheesecakes – launched with flavours such as Chestnut Honey, Manuka Honey and Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey. Honeymill cakes are made with 100% pure honey and contain no preservatives, no colouring and are no-bake. Great to be accompanied by their various honey drinks.

Farm fresh

Honeymill’s diverse range of honeys are sourced directly from bee farms in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Italy and Romania.These include all-time favourites such as Acacia Honey, Manuka Honey and seasonal Chestnut Honey.

To have your customised drink by Honeybot as well as to sample the delicious treats, do head onto Honeymill at:

Marina One The Heart, #B2-22
5 Straits View
Singapore 018935

Photo credits: Honeymill 

RedMart Limited

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