Hacks for Thinning Hair

If your hair is thinning, it could be due to a few reasons but while you’re seeking treatment for it, having bald spots or balding spots can be a rather embarrassing affair. Besides having a bad combover, here are some hacks to help you look like you have a crowning glory without wearing that hat or cap.

Changing your haircut

Your haircut can help to mask the balding as you can see how celebrities such as Jude Law quickly received a mini mohawk of sorts to deal with his receding hairline. That is if you’re a man.

For the ladies, you might want to consider getting a fringe or bangs as the Americans call ’em. This forces you to minimise any parting and also, people would first notice your eyes where your fringe ends rather than the top of your head. Some people would say that you would need to cut your hair short to minimise the weight of your hair on your scalp to prevent further thinning but having a fringe might actually be a better solution…and you get to keep your hair long! You could even accessorise with hairbands which will also help to cover up the balding areas.

Try not to layer your hair as this would naturally make your hair look even thinner at the bottom. You may want to curl your hair slightly to add a bit of volume but due to chemicals, it is not recommended to perm your hair. Instead, stick to curlers.

For both men and women, it’s best to speak to your hairdresser so that he or she is able to come up with the best hairstyle that suits your face shape while also covering up the bald spots. Your hairdresser would also be able to best advise you how to blow dry your hair to add a bit more volume to your hair so that again, it looks like you have more hair.

Dry Shampoo


This product is fantastic for that mid-day hair lift. It absorbs oil and gives your limp, fine hair that volume needed. It’s even better if you have a coloured dry shampoo so that it will fill the bald spots with colour and give the illusion of more hair. All you have to do is spray at the oily spots and brush. Do remember to wash your hair at the end of the day as the dry shampoo essentially is fine powder and this can clog your hair follicles, causing more hair loss.

Fake it

If the thinning hair has not receded too far, then you can definitely fake that there’s more hair thereby using either a bronzer or any eye shadow that is the closest colour to your hair. Simply use a brush and apply the product into your hairline. Ladies will find this familiar if they understand about contouring. For the men, it is best to use a smaller brush to apply in small amounts first on the gaps.

This helps to create the illusion that there’s a bit more hair and the powder may also help to absorb some oil for those with oily scalps (a common cause of thinning hair). Nonetheless, do remember to shampoo your hair before going to bed as you don’t want the product to clog up your hair follicles nor transfer makeup onto your pillowcase.

Alternatively you can use fillers such as Caboki which are small fibres that mimics hair and sticks to your scalp and existing hair to give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Caboki gives out free samples internationally and you can apply for yours here. We recommend spraying on a bit of hairspray after using such fillers so that the fibres remain on your hair and not onto your hands and fingernails throughout the day. Similarly, do wash your hair out with a sulphate-free shampoo at the end of the day to prevent clogging of hair follicles.

Wig it

Most people balk at the idea of wearing a wig or toupee. But a lot of wigs nowadays are very well made and you can make it look even more natural by colouring the ‘scalp’ of the wig with your foundation or get a small version that only covers the top part of your head. Always remember to choose a more natural hair colour and to brush out your wig. A good idea is to also bring it to your hairdresser’s to give it a trim so that it best suits your face.

If you embrace the wig…then you can invest in a few wigs so that you can change your ‘hairstyle’ every other day!

Remember that there are many causes to hair loss but do consult a dermatologist or trichologist about your hair loss problem. In the meanwhile, hopefully these hacks will help you step out with confidence.

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