How to Clean Your Make Up Brushes

Now that you know which brush is for which make up product in our previous two articles, it is also important to know how to clean them so that your brushes are hygienic and do not cause any breakout on your skin. Firstly, how often should one clean one’s make up brushes?

Make Up Artists have multiple clients so they obviously will clean their brushes after every job. For the rest of us laypeople who only use one set of brushes a day, it is recommended to clean those that you use on your face (e.g. concealers and foundations) once a week, once every two weeks for your eye brushes and once a month for the rest. Do note that this also applies to sponges.


How then do you clean your brushes? Simple!

  1. Wet your brushes with lukewarm water
  2. Apply either some liquid soap or shampoo onto the washing mat or egg cleaner (as seen above)
  3. Brush your brushes across the washing mat until all the product has been washed out
  4. Rinse
  5. Dry with paper towels or clean towel
  6. Lay flat to dry

If you’re using a soap bar, then rub your wet brush across the soap until it is a bit soapy before brushing it across the mats. Don’t forget to wash your eyelash curler too! All you have to do for that, is to rub a bit of the shampoo or soap between your fingers before rubbing it onto the curler. Rinse and dry.

For those who don’t really like to read, here’s a simple video on 3 methods to deep clean your brushes.


Photo credits: Zilingo. Video credits: Suzanne Lin


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