Expert Views Episode 7: When Do You Need Knee Surgery?

In last week’s episode, we learned from Dr Suresh that younger adults are now starting to be diagnosed with arthritis, and that it is a result of being more aware plus how we are more active in sports without proper muscle strengthening.  However, there are cases where the pain or injury is so bad, that knee surgery is required…or not? We find out more from the orthopaedic surgeon himself in this second part of the interview to find out when does one really need knee surgery.

Although we call him ‘doctor’…he’s actually an Associate Professor and has even worked in the Sloane Clinic in the USA. His advice is definitely highly sought after and we’d like to thank him once again for giving us his advice.

This is the end of Season 1 of Wellness Expert Views. We will take a break over the Christmas holidays and will be back with a brand new series in January 2017. Similarly, we will be focusing on pain management and muscle strengthening because we believe that once you’re feeling healthy and good about your body, you will naturally feel confident!

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