Expert Views Episode 6: Arthritis – Not An Age Old Problem Anymore

When you think of someone suffering from Arthritis, the stereotype would be that of an elderly person with knobbly knees. However, we learn from Dr Suresh that younger adults are now starting to be diagnosed with arthritis. Just what is arthritis and why are younger people getting it? We find out more from the orthopaedic surgeon himself in this first part of the interview.

Although we call him ‘doctor’…he’s actually an Associate Professor and has even worked in the Sloane Clinic in the USA. His advice is definitely highly sought after and we’d like to thank him once again for giving us his advice.

Note: Dr Suresh gets to the topic at about the 1.50 min mark.

Part 2 will still be on the topic of arthritis, but we ask Dr Suresh about the mechanics of why the knees often get such high wear and tear, his professional view on what situations do patients get knee replacement surgery and if we do feel pain in our knees, should we stop exercising? All these questions will be answered and more.

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