Discover the Healthy Delight of Rice Dumplings with a Modern Twist

Bak Chang, also known as Rice Dumpling (粽子), boasts a long-standing history dating back to ancient China’s Warring States period. Nevertheless, in modern society, it’s commonly associated with high-fat ingredients such as fatty pork and salted egg, particularly among millennials and Gen Z. But did you know that there are ways to create a healthy version of Bak Chang?

We have recently wrapped up our final Bak Chang festive workshop at SHATEC Orchard. During this engaging 5-hour session, participants didn’t just master the craft of making traditional Kee Chang (碱水粽) and Nyonya Chang (娘惹粽); they embarked on a culinary journey enriched with health-conscious choices. Leading the charge was our resident Chef Cindy, whose careful selection of blue pea flowers not only added a vibrant natural colour to the Nyonya Chang but also packed a punch of health benefits. From boosting metabolism to aiding digestion and even combating diabetes, blue pea flowers are the superfood of choice for a healthier diet.

Soy sauce is one of the staples in Bak Chang preparation, yet it’s worth noting that soy sauce often carries a high sodium content, which over time can contribute to elevated blood pressure. However, participants were introduced to DoYouBo soy sauce, crafted from non-GMO soybeans grown in the fertile soils of Taiwan. With its natural flavour and absence of added sugars, this soy sauce not only enriches the taste of dishes but also prioritises health.

Similar to our Chef Cindy’s recipes, one can select healthier filling options like shiitake mushrooms and candied melon strips to infuse a sweet flavour into the Bak Chang. Not only do these additions enhance the taste, but they also provide a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

“The course was easy to understand and follow, with good tips regarding using lower salt content soy sauce for added flavour, as well as boneless chicken leg as a healthier protein option instead of pork,” stated participant Melissa Fann, Founder of The Wellness Insider.

Chef Cindy led participants through each step of the elaborate Bak Chang making process, ensuring that everyone could easily follow along. The cozy and well-lit demonstration studio, furnished with modern kitchen technology, facilitated effective learning for those eager to pick up new culinary skills.

“Making Bak Changs for the first time was a delightful experience thanks to Chef Cindy’s clear guidance. The atmosphere at SHATEC Orchard feels just like my own kitchen, which sets it apart from other culinary schools,” shared participant Luke Elijah, a Spiritual Coach and Holistic Healer.

This workshop wasn’t merely about mastering recipes; it is where tradition seamlessly merged with innovation to pave the way for a healthier tomorrow. By embracing wholesome ingredients and mindful cooking techniques, we not only honour our culinary heritage but also empower individuals to make informed choices that nourish both body and soul.

Although our Bak Chang workshop has concluded, health-conscious learners eager to learn a culinary skill can still choose from our current offerings like Plant-Based Yummylicious Goodness and The Essence of Water. To learn more about SHATEC Orchard upcoming courses, click here for more information.


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