Where To Go To For Chinese New Year Reunions

If you’re not going to slave over a stove for the various reunion dinners one would have with your family (in-laws included) and friends, then going somewhere would be a good idea. However, where can you go and have a bountiful reunion besides the typical Chinese restaurant? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a list of places to choose from.

For the young at heart – CÉ LA VI Singapore 

From 1 – 12 February 2024, indulge in a deliciously fresh Yusheng (S$38 for 1-2 pax), a prosperity toss that beckons a delightful, customary tradition served ever Chinese New Year. A blend of house-smoked salmon, white daikon and sweet mango comes together in abundant joy, adorned with an appetizing sour plum and fragrant lemongrass dressing, drizzled with a liquid nitro pomelo.

Additionally, the venue brings a roar into the Year of the Dragon with a special dragon and lion dance to welcome auspiciousness and vibrant festivities on Saturday, 10 February 2024, 6.30 pm, at the front of CÉ LA VI’s kiosk on L56 Observation Deck.

Chinese New Year Celebrations
Dates: 1 – 12 February 2024 | Restaurant
Time: 5.30 pm – 10.30 pm
Reservations: https://www.celavi.com/en/singapore/event/sg-event-restaurant-cny2024/

Chinese New Year Dragon and Lion Dance
Day/Date: Saturday, 10 February 2024
Time: 6.30 pm
Location: SkyPark Observation Deck, Level 56, Marina Bay Sands Singapore 018956

For the more private gathering – 5 ON 25, Andaz Singapore

Usher in the auspicious Year of the Dragon at modern upscale Cantonese restaurant, 5 ON 25in Andaz Singapore from 29th January 2024 to 24th February 2024. Curated by 5 ON 25’s Head Chinese Chef Lim Hong Lih, the Lunar New Year menu includes à la carte dishes, yu sheng, pen cai, dim sum, and set courses available for lunch and dinner. Making a debut this year is a series of three themed goodies, perfect for gifting with family and friends.

The restaurant will offer the customary Yu Sheng, served with sustainably sourced New Zealand King Salmon, topped with fried yam, homemade candied walnuts, and zesty golden plum dressing. Available for dine-in and takeaways, the dish is priced at S$88 (small; suitable for three to six guests) and S$138 (big; suitable for seven to 10 guests). Guests can further enhance the dish with additional auspicious seafood toppings – Jade Tiger Abalone, Sustainable Australian King Scallops, as well as Australian Spiny Lobster at an additional cost starting from S$38.

5 ON 25 Private Dining Suites

Complementing this joyous occasion are four exquisite set lunch and dinner menus designed to elevate any dining experience with family, friends or business partners. The menus begin with the iconic Signature Yu Sheng followed by dishes crafted with auspicious ingredients for extra good luck for the upcoming year.

Indulge in crowd-pleasers that are not to be missed, such as the delicate Steamed Black Cod Fillet with 12-year-old dried tangerine peel, infusing sweetness and a mellow aroma to every bite. Experience the taste of sea with Wok-Fried Tiger Pawns served with seasonal greens, generously coated in homemade X.O. sauce made with premium dried shrimp and aromatic spices.  Delight senses with the richness of Braised Whole Jade Tiger Abalone accompanied by sea cucumber, seasonal greens, and fat choy. Savour the timeless appeal of our classic Lotus Leaf Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chinese sausage and dried shrimps. Each dish promises a memorable celebration that transcends refined Cantonese flavors and embodies the spirit of celebration.

Besides set menus, diners can enjoy themed à la carte dishes including Buddha Jumps Over The Wall; Braised Jade Tiger Abalone; Wok-Fried Wagyu Tenderloin with Black Pepper; Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Tiger Prawns, and the succulent Dang Gui Roasted Duck, which makes a return this year due to its popular demand. Exclusively served during lunch, exquisite themed dim sum creations are good additions to the start of the meal, such as Braised Jade Tiger Abalone Tarts; Steamed Truffle, Pumpkin, Water Chestnut Dumplings; and Steamed Bailing Mushroom, Wood Ear and Bamboo Shoot Dumplings.

Guests can book intimate celebrations at either two private dining suites Emerald (seats up to 12 guests, minimum spend – lunch: S$1,800; dinner S$2,160) or Ruby (seats up to eight guests, minimum spend – lunch: S$1,200; dinner S$1,440). Both rooms can be combined, and feature city views, hand-tufted carpets of intricate lattice patterns as well as elegant pendant chandeliers for an inviting atmosphere.

Conclude celebrations on a high note as destination rooftop bar, Mr. Stork, offers mesmerising views and two specially curated cocktails (S$25 each) for the occasion. Imperial Dragon is crafted with Paddlers Salted Palm Gin and a variety of citrusy fruits.Golden Dragon comprises Yellow Chartreuse, mandarin jam, passionfruit and aromatic bitters. The cocktails are also available at Bar Square from 1st February 2024 to 29th February 2024.

5 ON 25 is open daily for lunch from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and dinner from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. For restaurant reservations and takeaway orders, please call + 65 6408 1228 or visit https://www.hyatt.com/andaz/sinaz-andaz-singapore/dining/5-on-25.

For the more casual but health conscious – Summer Origin

Health is wealth and Summer Origin exemplifies that with their Eight Treasures Tonic Soup (with Chicken Drumstick). Specially formulated by their TCM physician and suitable for Singapore’s tropical climate modulation, this recipe is a breakthrough from the traditional Ba Zhen Soup as it is milder to be consumed more frequently without the worry of it being too heaty for the body. It smells of natural herbal aroma and has a sweet taste with no bitterness, suitable to replenish your energy.

You can purchase Summer Origin’s soups at the Lunar New Year Fair at NEX which takes place from now to 8 February.

Something non-Chinese – Gin Khao Bistro

Marrying traditional Thai cuisine with modern sensibilities, Gin Khao Bistro at Quayside Isle, Sentosa promises a delectable spread packed with authentic flavours from the land of smiles! Whether you’re hosting a family reunion or planning an intimate lunch with a loved one, Gin Khao has thoughtfully created special Lunar New Year set meals to accommodate all kinds of gatherings – starting from the Auspicious Feast (S$158++, suitable for 2-3 pax) which include popular dishes such as Golden Pumpkin Crab Meat Soup, Bangkok Prosperity Chicken and Pineapple Fried Rice. To top it off, guests will get to enjoy a bottle of red wine at just S$1 with a minimum spending of S$298**! T&Cs apply.

For those who love seafood – Greenwood Fish Market

For a classic Lunar New Year celebration packed with auspicious seafood favourites, Greenwood Fish Market is a must visit! From 1 February to 10 March, personalise your own Yu Sheng platter, with the fan-favourite Salmon Yu Sheng starting at S$138. Add-on options of Salmon, Lobster, or King Crab are also available if you would like to elevate your plate! Each set comes with traditional condiments and chef-owner Alan’s popular calamansi plum sauce, and is perfectly portioned for 4-6 pax. If you’re having Lo Hei at home, impress your family and friends with the equally exciting takeaway menu featuring the all-new Year of the Dragon Specialty Yu Sheng at S$188 that boasts two whole Boston lobsters (de-shelled), sakura ebi, and scallop floss!

For the East meets West – Chopsuey Cafe

This Lunar New Year, Chopsuey Cafe invites guests to embark on a dragon-inspired culinary adventure, combining the fierceness of tradition with bold twists on familiar flavours. Beginning 22 January, guests can indulge in the Lunar New Year A-La-Carte menu, along with two enticing Set Menus priced at S$88++ and S$118++ respectively. Additionally, on the first two days of Chinese New Year, an exclusive Vegetarian menu will make its debut. Anticipate a diverse array of fusion comfort dishes that harmonise contemporary Anglo-Chinese and Southeast Asian influences.

Nestled in a garden oasis with verdant jungle views, Chopsuey Cafe offers a captivating colonial garden setting, featuring both indoor and outdoor dining spaces. Whether seeking a tranquil escape for intimate affairs or planning grand celebrations with loved ones, the cafe provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable Lunar New Year experience.

Let the celebrations commence by tossing for good health and fortune with Chopsuey Cafe’s signature Lucky Lunar ‘Lo Hei’, priced at S$38 (small) and S$58 (large), or enjoy it as a complimentary addition to the set menus. This wholesome rendition of the customary lo hei introduces a delectably healthy spin, featuring a medley of ingredients including trout, kale, red radish, blueberries and corn topped with a refreshing citrus sauce and adorned with an authentic, edible gold leaf.

Also complimentary for set menu diners is Chopsuey’s Kimchi Lo Hei priced at S$28 (medium) and S$48 (large). This vegetarian-friendly option offers a zesty crunch of fermented cabbage, with bold and tangy flavours adding an exciting new twist to the classic Lunar New Year staple.

Chopsuey Cafe
10 Dempsey Road
Singapore 247700

Open daily from 11:30am to 11pm. During the Chinese New Year celebrations, it will be open from 10am to 10pm on 10 & 11 February, and 11am to 11pm on 12 February. For detailed opening hours and more information, kindly visit their website here.

For Western with an Asian twist – PAZZION Cafe

As the Year of the Dragon approaches, PAZZION Cafe invites customers on a gastronomic journey filled with rich flavours with their Lunar New Year offerings which are available from now till 25 February.

In the heart of our kitchen, a tale of richness unfolds with their Golden Prosperity Duck Confit (S$22++). Imagine the whispering aroma of spices and the gentle sizzle as duck legs transform into golden perfection – each moment spent slow-cooking is a promise of abundance and joy. Indulge in the luscious richness of this Lunar New Year masterpiece, and let the golden hues of prosperity shine on your plate. Gather your loved ones, share the laughter, and revel in the delicious anticipation of a year bursting with good fortune.

Dive into the soothing embrace of our Lunar New Year creation, the Citrus Tranquil Bliss (S$9.80++). Picture a steaming cup of chamomile tea, gently kissed by the warmth of golden orange juice. As the flavours intertwine, a touch of vanilla adds a subtle sweetness, creating a harmonious blend reminiscent of the serenity of the season. Topping off this celestial concoction is a slice of torched orange, releasing tantalising aromas and infusing the beverage with a delicate smokiness. Indulge in this delightful elixir, a potion of tranquility and flavour crafted for the season.

Step into the Lunar New Year festivities with our Mandarin Bliss Nian Gao Waffles ($18++) – the life of the party on your taste buds! These golden waffles, infused with Nian Gao sweetness, are like a flavourful firework show while the zesty Mandarin Orange showcases a vibrant dance accompanied by the velvety Pistachio Cream, and Pistachio Praline and Crumble brings the crunchy beat. The story gets even sweeter with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, joining the flavour parade. Top it all off with a maple syrup drizzle – because, why not add a sweet Lunar New Year twist? Join the festivities where each bite is a burst of joy, prosperity, and the fun flavours of the season.

To elevate your celebration, PAZZION Cafe offers the Prosperous Palates Set, a harmonious trio of these delectable dishes, available at the special price of S$39++.

PAZZION Cafe can be found at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City #B1-39/40 and at Changi Jewel, #B1-243.

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