The First Holistic Robotics Rehabilitation Centre Opens in Singapore

Singapore Robotics Rehabilitation Centre, a collaboration with DIH Asia Pacific Hub, the global distributor of rehabilitation technology, opens the first holistic robotics rehabilitation centre in Singapore today.

The Singapore Robotics Rehabilitation Centre is helmed by Mr Chien Han How, who also owns the Sleepwake Centre, which helps with adults and children suffering from conditions related to sleep. Mr Chien is a firm believer in the benefits of medical technology. He has close to 30 years of experience in the business of non-surgical management of patients with neuro physiological, respiratory and sleep disorder conditions.

With the opening of the new centre, he hopes to make medical technology accessible to all as he believes that technology also has a big role to play in non-surgical therapy such as rehabilitation.

There has never been a better time than now to redefine rehabilitation by using technology and bringing Hocoma and Motek closer to Singaporeans. Due to our ever increasing workload and demand for more efficient delivery of therapy and patients who want to be empowered with their own clinical outcomes, the use of robotics and virtual and augmented reality opens up so many possibilities for us. The ease of managing a patient’s therapy and the workflow is just so amazing, just to name a few. The evolving trend of technology will not stop and at SG Robotic Rehabilitation Centre, we want to build bridges to bring technology closer to patients,”

– Mr Chien Han How, Founder of SG Robotics Rehab Centre

The Singapore Robotics Rehabilitation Centre is equipped with an integrated team of highly trained therapists who aims to help restore function in patients suffering from stroke, trauma, reparable spinal injuries, hip replacement, chronic pain, and many other physically debilitating conditions by designing interdisciplinary, patient-focused treatments that can best realise the healing potentials of the patients, helping them regain a better quality of life.

The private facility, which is strategically located in the city centre on Orchard Road, will feature the Lokomat®Nanos by Hocoma and the C-Mill VR+ with Hero Solution by Motek and comprehensive service and care by licensed physiotherapists and professionals.

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Image: SG Robotics Rehab Centre

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