Get to Know Your Food With Naturally Nurtured Australia

Naturally Nurtured Australia (NNA), a new category of great quality natural food that’s both flavour and nutritiously richer than the standard produce, has officially arrived on the shores of Singapore.

With fresh produce flown in weekly from Western Australia, NNA accesses the most advanced food testing to ensure optimum nutrition. Produce is grown without dangerous chemicals and heavy metals and tested for vitamin and mineral level.

A leading lifestyle food category 

With an increasing consciousness, demand for authenticity and sustainability in consumer food intake, NNA has spotted an opportunity in the global market for a leading well-defined lifestyle food category that is tasty and safer for all consumers.

Available at select Cold Storage outlets across Singapore, with further extension across online channels including Shopee and Lazada expected in March 2022, the range will include fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables, grass fed lamb, goat and beef produce, alongside dairy, seafood and bush foods.

“We are thrilled to launch Naturally Nurtured’s product range into the Singaporean market. Health and food authenticity have become increasingly important, and we are excited to grow with this important trend. Naturally Nurtured’s mission is to provide tastier, safer and nutritiously richer food and to ensure easy accessibility to all homes.”

– Mark Baker, Naturally Nurtured Australia’s CEO

Regenerative farming 

Naturally Nurtured Australia accredits the superior tasting produce to the sustainable regenerative farming methods, whereby the farmer naturally nurtures the soils, resulting in the optimum nutritious produce cultivated in the pristine landscape of Western Australia.

In addition to its nutritional value, Naturally Nurtured Australia produce is characterised by several highly sought factors, including longer shelf life, superior taste, and texture alongside vibrancy in colour, indicating quality and freshness.

All produce include QR scans, informing about nutritional value, a controlled supply chain from farm to consumer with no intermediaries able to substitute.


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Images: Naturally Nurtured Australia

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