Better Quality of Life For Ostomates Using Latest Technology For Stoma Care

Coloplast, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stoma care products launches its latest product innovation, the SenSura® Mio in Singapore this year. Singapore is the first country in Southeast Asia to launch SenSura® Mio and aims to improve the quality of life of ostomates, or people who have gone through an ostomy and are now living with a stoma.

An ostomy or stoma surgery is an operation that creates an artificial opening in the abdomen to allow waste and urine to leave the body. As a result of this operation, a stoma or an artificial opening is created, allowing faeces or urine, either from the intestine or the urinary tract to pass. There are three types of stomas related to the digestive and urinary system and these are colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy.

People who have undergone an ostomy are oftentimes survivors of severe diseases such as bladder cancer or Crohn’s disease, while others needed an ostomy after facing serious injuries. For millions of people around the world living with a stoma, an ostomy is truly a life-saver.

Colorectal cancer, one of the most common types of cancer that affects millions of people around the world, sometimes involves removal of all or part of the colon and would require an ostomy after surgery. Many of these colorectal cancer patients will have a temporary ostomy after surgery but almost 10% of these patients end up having a permanent ostomy.

Whether temporary or permanent, adapting to life with a stoma is not easy. The feeling of isolation or self-consciousness are quite common for people who have gone through this life-changing surgery. Ostomates find themselves battling the stigma attached to people living with a stoma, while trying to achieve quality of life despite their stoma.

Kam Beng Chong, a 52-year-old engineer living in Singapore, has undergone ileostomy and recalls how hard it was for him to live with a stoma. He says, “Before I had my stoma surgery, I was very active. I go to the gym, meet up with friends and engage in a lot of social activities. But after the operation, I became concerned and worried because of the bad incidents I had with leakage after waking up and doing some heavy movement. Those times, I was not able to carry on and live my previous lifestyle.”

People living with a stoma have similar feedback, and these concerns can be addressed by using the appropriate products for stoma care. Coloplast, through its “listen and respond” approach to product innovation has developed product lines that answer to the specific needs of ostomy patients and help them get back to functioning normally in their everyday lives.

Now a user of SenSura® Mio Deep Convex, Kam Beng Chong has more confidence in doing his daily activities. According to him, “Finding the right product with such flexibility is a blessing. It allows me to have a normal life again, go back to the gym and do my workouts comfortably. After trying SenSura® Mio, I noticed that the adhesive and flexibility made me more confident to go out and venture again. I am thankful to find a product that is good and suitable for me and my active lifestyle.”

Debbie Koh, a 39-year-old teacher and user of SenSura® Mio Flat says that using SenSura® Mio gives her a feeling of security: “I don’t have to keep checking on the ostomy appliance because I feel very at ease with it. I don’t even feel that I’m wearing the stoma bag because it is so light. It sticks to the skin so well and I have no worries about leakage.” Debbie also shares how her quality of life as an ostomate improved when she started using SenSura® Mio, “I have an amazing life, can have a wonderful time and go on holidays with my family. SenSura® Mio has helped me get back at life.”

The SenSura® Mio range offers the right fit for all body profiles of people with a stoma: regular, inward or outward. Using the BodyFit® technology, an elastic adhesive technology, SenSura® Mio offers the right fit with its ostomy appliances to avoid leakage and skin issues. It features a secure body contact for protection and a flexible fit during movement while providing a discreet pouch solution.

Many ostomy patients have irregular abdominal surfaces, making it difficult to find a secure fit between the skin and the ostomy pouch. SenSura® Mio addresses this issue by adjusting to the curves of a patient’s body despite uneven surfaces due to hernia, scarring, skin folds or weight issues. Different variants of SenSura® Mio are available for all body profiles: SenSura® Mio Flat for regular peristomal body profiles, SenSura® Mio Convex for inward peristomal body profiles. Depending on the challenges of each body profile, specific features have been added to the product.

Coloplast is dedicated to producing products that improve the quality of life of ostomy patients by using the latest technology and innovation. Coloplast Singapore partners with Ostomy Association of Singapore, Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse Chapter and Society of Colorectal Surgeons to provide education and strong patient support.

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Images: Coloplast Singapore

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