Anyone For An Icy Retreat?

The OM-ICE Process, an exclusive residential programme by renowned psychologist and clinical sexologist Dr Oberdan Marianetti, returns for another edition this March. Held amidst the lush greenery and coastal setting of W Singapore in Sentosa Cove, the 3D2N retreat features carefully-selected healthful dining options and self-reflection through expert-led exploration, meditation, yoga movement and ice baths.

“We believe in the right for everyone to live a fulfilling and well life; a life of balance, in a world where mental and physical health co-exist as complementing therapies and priorities. OM-ICE Process is a retreat that helps weary Singaporeans take a well-deserved break to switch off, re-centre and rediscover themselves for a more meaningful and fulfilling life,” shares Dr Oberdan Marianetti, Founder of OM-ICE.

Helping professionals navigate the complexity of modern life, especially during the unusual times of a pandemic, the OM-ICE process blends psychology, breath-work, movement and cold exposure into a luxury retreat. Starting with extensive pre-retreat activities that commences even before they step foot into W Singapore, participants are provided worksheets and audio files to assist them in the art of self-discovery, preparing themselves mentally and physically to maximise their time and effectiveness of the retreat.

The process culminates in a 3-day luxury retreat, supported by individual preparatory and follow-up work, with Dr Oberdan guiding participants through 25 hours of learning. A unity of daily mind, body and nature activities allows guests to connect to their sense of purpose and solidify their commitment to change important aspects of their lives. On top of meditation and yoga movements, breathing techniques are taught to oxygenate the body, creating a stronger sense of awareness of one’s body. This prepares the body to fully enjoy the many benefits of ice bath sessions, such as easing sore and aching muscles, boosting the metabolism and immune system; and decreasing fatigue for better sleep.

At every point of the OM-ICE Process, guidance is provided to ensure that needs are understood and guests are suitably comfortable to make decisions and act with the self-belief required to create amazing changes.

Participants will leave refreshed and recharged, with a curated bag of OM-ICE products in hand and a fresh mindset to maintain a healthy body and mind in their day-to-day life. Post-retreat community support is also available to help participants continuously focus on their sense of wellbeing and fulfilment, with additional access to monthly guided breathing sessions exclusive to alumni.

The luxury residential programme takes place between 18-20 March 2022 and offers an all-inclusive breakfast, dinner, refreshments, accommodation at W Singapore Sentosa in their “Wonderful King” rooms and all programme inclusions. Priced at SGD$2,695 per pax, couple and group discounts are also available here. For more information, please visit

Images: OM-ICE

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