Some of the Best Workouts From Home

With the latest restrictions on gym usage and even working out with buddies in Singapore, most of us have gone back to our Circuit Breaker routine of working out at home. Which means – watching certain fitness routines on YouTube/ following our trainers on Zoom or putting together a routine based on our knowledge of exercises.

As such, we’ve scoured the web and have put together a short list of some of our favourite channels to follow so that our workouts from home are varied and fun!

Muay Thai-inspired

Even if you’re not trying to train professionally as a Muay Thai fighter, we know that Muay Thai’s workout routine can really help one achieve one’s fitness goals faster. As such, Avani Hotels has partnered with Jesica Paramita (@jesica_paramita), founder of Alpha Force Thai Boxing Club in Bali, to offer martial-arts inspired home workout sessions on Avani’s Instagram account (@Avani_Hotels).

Jesica’s demos and tutorials are easy to follow and combines Muay Thai elements with a personalised approach. You can get the latest workout routines and tips by following Avani on Instagram or subscribe to the hashtag #AvaniFit.

Tabata for various levels


All Blanc TV is based in South Korea and features 4 fit (and can we say, easy on the eyes?) men who also run the channel/company. What we love about their workouts is that they cater to all levels of fitness and most of the workouts can be done at home without equipment. What we’ve noticed is that the shorter the workout time, the more challenging it is. As such, choose the workout that you think will fit your fitness level as well as amount of time.

Workouts of the week with us

Oh…did we mention that we too have weekly workouts that you can do at home? We’ve worked with Joe’s Fitness to bring you these workouts that you can easily incorporate into your routine each week. Simply follow us on Instagram, Facebook or even LinkedIn!

For ladies aged 40 and above


We’ve shared Suzie’s workout videos in previous articles but we’d like to highlight her again. She has come up with a series of routines that are suitable for ladies who are a little older and may not be as fit as her although she does introduce more challenging variations for those who are fitter. Nonetheless, we have found that her routines are easy to follow and also suitable for all ages!

Yoga for beginners

We have also been following Yoga with Adriene on YouTube because of her down-to-earth personality, easy to follow tutorials and it feels like a friend guiding you through a workout. Oh…and we totally love her dog who often lies around her mat!


Of course, this list is not exhaustive and we are sure that there are many more channels to get great workouts from home. What is most important is that you keep moving to keep yourself fit physically and mentally!

Images and videos: All Blanc TV, Avani Hotel, CARE by Suzie, Envato (header) and The Wellness Insider



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