Wellness Clinic in Spain Unveils Gut Health Programme

SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain has unveiled its latest innovation – a Gut Health programme dedicated to transforming digestion and enhancing overall health. This brand new programme has been developed to reset and maintain the correct functioning of the digestive system, complementing SHA’s Detox programme by eliminating toxins simultaneously. This combined offering demonstrates the significance of digestive health and its impact on the immune and neuroendocrine systems as well as emotional and general health.

Located between Spain’s Sierra Helada Natural Park and the Bay of Altea in Valencia, SHA Wellness Clinic integrates medical and holistic wellness and is one of Europe’s leading medical resorts.

The 360 approach

Heading this new 7-night programme is Dr Amina Alani, who has carefully framed the Gut Health programme with SHA’s signature 360° approach to prevention. It targets digestive disorders caused by an imbalance of microbiota, as well as psychological issues that impact gut health. A detailed review of the intestinal tract is the first step in this programme, assessing the level of dysbiosis and inflammation, the presence of heavy metals and other issues that provide an insight into digestive health.

SHA’s team of multi-disciplinary experts then prescribe guests with a tailored selection of medical treatments, natural therapies and a nutrition plan to improve the immune, neuroendocrine and emotional system. A comprehensive health plan addressing eating habits and lifestyle will also be provided for guests to continue positive gut health practices at home. Cutting-edge treatments included in the programme are:

  • Intestinal dysbiosis tests
  • Diamine oxidase activity tests (DAO)
  • Ellipse-inflammation tests
  • Basic nutrigenetics profiles
  • Intestinal ozone therapy
  • Micronutrition therapy

Game-changing effects

More than a third of the world’s population have symptoms involving poor digestive health, and it is estimated that stress and diet are the main triggers for this type of disorder. Genetic predisposition, antibiotics and external factors such as pollution are also often the cause of food intolerances and allergies. The Gut Health programme is aimed at those suffering from digestive disorders or diseases in general, chronic diseases, autoimmune diseases, allergies and mood disorders.

For more information, please visit SHA’s website at https://shawellnessclinic.com.

Images: SHA Wellness Clinic



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