Natural Ways to Counter Weight-Gain Due to Working From Home

At this time, most people would have carved out a comfortable ‘Work from Home’ nook at home, complete with their laptop, snacks, and documents nearby. Instead of racing to beat the lunch queues at food courts, we are now used to the convenience of food delivery services. It is natural that after months of limited exercise, we will all start to put on weight. However, do not panic at the thought of heading into the office with those added pounds! Here are some healthy and natural ways to shed that extra weight!

1. Start the day well

As the saying goes, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. That’s why we recommend 100%, nutrient-dense options such as protein smoothies or  Eu Yan Sang’s 33 Multi-Grain Cereal. Apart from being an excellent source of protein, it also boosts specialty ingredients such as ginseng, wolfberry, and ginkgo. Fill up on nutrients and start the journey of weight loss right.

2. Have a balanced meal plan

Balance extends beyond managing your intake of various food groups. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), practitioners encourage the balance of Yin and Yang for good health. Yin-enriching foods such as shellfish, bitter gourd and watermelon have a cooling effect on the body. Yang-enriching foods have a ‘warming’ effect, these include red meat, papaya, and most spices.

As such, you will not want to eat too much ‘cooling’ or ‘heaty’ foods in a day, especially when you’re working from home. After a meal, you may want to help your digestion by consuming enzymes.

3. Watch the time

This does not mean eating less but eating smart and at the right time! TCM practitioners consider the body an entity connected to spirit and balance. Timing is a factor that influences the body when combating ailments or improving the quality of life.

It is believed that the human digestive system is at its strongest during certain points of the day. Between 7 am and 11 am is a good time for breakfast or brunch, being the time when your stomach and spleen are at their peak function.

Also, the time between meals is important (at least 4 hours and at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast the next day) as this allows ample time for digestion between meals, lets your body’s natural hunger hormones to do its work so that your metabolism is at its ideal rate. This will help to burn fats and keep you energised throughout the day.

4. End the day well

When the day draws to an end, it is comforting to wind down with a warm drink. We are familiar with coffee and hot chocolate, but there is also a diverse range of natural teas you can enjoy that is not caffeinated nor contains too much sugar. Chrysanthemum Goji Tea is a fragrant tea that supports healthy blood sugar and lipid levels. Goji berries (a.k.a. wolfberries) are well-known as a premium product that enriches the blood and improves visual acuity. Drink to your heart’s content knowing you are choosing a healthy choice.

Images: Eu Yan Sang and Unsplash



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