Top 5 Options to Treat Migraines Naturally

A migraine comes like a piercing flood of nauseating pain. It’s like a lightning bolt has nested into your cranium and decided to simmer with relentless fervor. Those individuals who suffer chronic migraines will confidently tell you that there comes a moment when they would readily do almost anything to alleviate the ache.
But if the painkillers do little to reduce the migraine’s grip on your head, are there any other solutions out there? Should you decide to adopt an organic approach and treat migraines naturally, here are 5 best options you can find out there.

1. Ginger

It has become a natural healthline trope, but ginger is truly lauded as the be-all and end-all answer to countless woes for a good reason. It is a powerful antioxidant, it has antibacterial properties, it eases nausea and it can also reduce the migraine symptoms. Of course, the best is to get fresh ginger and boil it into a drink but some widely-used synthesised remedies in pill form can be just as effective.

2. Lavender oil


Many people swear by essential oils and their multiple purposes in lifestyle improvement, but can they help you with something as drastic as migraine? As it turns out, lavender oil has helped many people with migraine symptoms time and time again. This is done by adding a few drops of concentrated essential lavender oil to a big cup of boiling water.

Then it all comes down to inhaling the vapours and enjoying the scent. The treatment is most effective if applied as soon as the pain begins to rear its ugly head. The extensive study into lavender oil has also concluded that this is a perfectly safe practice.

3. CBD oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil may just be what the doctor ordered to treat your chronic migraines. The completely legal substance is derived from cannabis type plants that are used in a variety of industries (including textile, believe it or not) and which do not hold the same balance of psychoactive chemicals contained in marijuana. The advantage of CBD oil for treating migrainesis that it completely lacks pharmaceutical chemicals, its effects are strong and the possible side effects, if any, are minimal. It will curb your migraine and stress induced by the onslaught of pain, which is definitely a stellar bonus.

(Editor’s note: CBD is illegal and unavailable in most parts of Asia)

4. Acupuncture

Surprisingly, acupuncture is still an avant-garde concept to many people, but it can actually work wonders for individuals that suffer from migraines. Several reliable studies have shown that personally-tailored acupuncture treatments can relieve at least 50% of that incessant pain. Of course, it is of utmost importance to find licensed and certified practitioners for this treatment, and if you have a problem with the concept of having needles stuck into your body, you may ease yourself into it by trying acupressure first.

5. Magnesium

he thing about Magnesium is that it is not an immediate, fast-working remedy. You need to get into the habit of ingesting enough of this mineral and see if your migraines become less severe. If they completely disappear or should their occurrence reduce to once every two months, you might have suffered from magnesium deficiency. The thing is – a surprising number of people that suffer from migraines actually have this latent problem. Consequently, this implies a whole battery of potential issues – because magnesium is more crucial to your immunity than vitamin C – but it can all be ameliorated with introducing a completely natural ingredient into your everyday diet.

Anyone who has ever experienced a migraine knows that it is simply into a league of its own when compared to pedestrian headaches. It comes like the uninvited guest, breaking through all the doors and nesting into your head in a matter of minutes. The debilitating, pulsating pain floods your body, inviting nausea and blurred vision into the mix and the sensitivity to audio-visual stimuli becomes unbearable. How does one endure through such a tribulation?

Well, the trick is to keep an eye out for tell-tale signs that the migraine is coming – because it never really comes out of the blue. It is only when the pain hits us with full force that we realise it has slowly been igniting in the background as we were engaged in mundane activities. Then it all comes down to applying the most efficient natural method of alleviating the migraine that works for you.


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