The Art of Self-Defence – The Basics Part 6 (with infographic)

Despite Singapore’s low crime rate, the rate of assault and aggressive situations have been increasing. Start learning how to be your own personal bodyguard 24/7 in this series of basic stances by our expert Zackiee Ng of U-elite Martial Fitness.

Previously on The Art of Self-Defence – The Basics Part 1The Basics Part 2The Basics Part 3, The Basics Part 4 and The Basics Part 5, we learnt how to avoid being in a situation where you may be attacked and how to do both a defensive and passive guard while talking to strangers. We also learnt how to counter-attack from defensive positions but there are attacks that come from the side – especially if the attacker wants to slap you. In addition, we learnt how to do a side shield while also counter-attacking to give you a chance to escape.

With frontal attacks, it wouldn’t be uncommon for the attacker to push you in order to cause you to fall. Thus, it is important to learn how to fall backwards in a safe manner to minimise injuries, especially those to the head and spine.

Click on the infographic below for more details.

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Infographic by The Wellness Insider with images from U-Elite Martial Fitness.

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