The Art of Self-Defence – The Basics Part 2 (with infographic)

Despite Singapore’s low crime rate, the rate of assault and aggressive situations have been increasing. Start learning how to be your own personal bodyguard 24/7 in this series of basic stances by our expert Zackiee Ng of U-elite Martial Fitness.

The best way to defend yourself is to not get into any hairy situations and you do that through the 4As:



Action is the last resort – when you are being physically attacked and have no choice but to act. How does one act then?  You can refer to our previous post on The Art of Self-Defence to learn some basic stances.

To sign up for actual Self-Defence classes, do contact U-Elite Martial Fitness for class dates and availability.

Infographic by The Wellness Insider with images from U-Elite Martial Fitness.

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