A Before and After Picture that Reminds Us of What is Important

Our story this time is from Instagrammer and author Megan Jayne Crabbe, who shocked the world with her Before and After images showing how she had gained weight, yet looked happier in the latter. Megan’s image highlights her search for happiness and understanding herself more and how being skinny had left her at the border of life and death.

We can’t blame her for feeling that way either, especially when you go on social media and see others posting pics of the results of their workouts and how they’re losing weight (of course it’s not their fault either), it can be hard not to feel like you’re missing out. But all of that simply added up for Megan and led her to create this fantastic post:

As you can see from the picture, Megan went through quite a change in gaining back her weight, and it was one that gave her another kind of struggle. However, she eventually decided that caring about her weight or what people said about it was just superficial, that she didn’t need to be skinny to feel good about herself.

Megan’s statement stands as a reminder that weight and health are unrelated, something that other models and recognised individuals have highlighted as of late. Hopefully, with more people jumping in we can finally debunk the myth that they are directly related and allow everyone to just live their lives as they want without worrying about their appearance.

Well, that’s the idea anyway, but we’re moving closer to it every day. So just remember, try and be happy with who you are no matter what.

Photo Credits: Instagram


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