Your Fave Chinese New Year Goodies Calorie List

Traditional New Year’s just ended but it’s now time for another, very popular event that announces the end of the year. Chinese New Year, celebrated across multiple countries and even Singapore, Chinese New Year’s has given us a great many traditions both in what to do for entertainment and in tasty goodies that we can enjoy.

But, alas, like everything else these snacks and goodies come with their own problem, their calorie intake. While you shouldn’t just give up on them but you do have to keep in mind what you’re eating and eat accordingly, especially if you want to eat healthier.

So then, sadly, join us as we list off some famous Chinese New Year’s goodies along with how many calories you can find in them.

Mandarin Oranges

Whether it’d because of their bitterness, sweetness or just how much energy they can give you and revitalize you with Mandarin Oranges are tasty and also a great part of the Chinese New Year tradition. They’re also a natural fruit, so as a snack they’re really amongst the best you can have.

Fruits aren’t exempted though, like everything else they also bring added calories to the body and in the case of Mandarin Oranges, 100 grams (one Mandarin Orange) can come with up to 53 calories. You can burn them pretty quickly if you move around for only a few minutes though, and they’re also things you can eat on the go as well.

Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds are pretty famous, whether you spit them out after eating a fresh watermelon or just eat them on their own, they can be something good and quick to munch on while you’re walking around festivals and the like. However, just one cup of watermelon seeds amounts up to 108 calories, so eat them carefully!

Bak Kwa

Who can resist Bak Kwa? This sweet, yet salty, pork jerky is a staple of Chinese New year and it’s honestly to die for, plus with all the fruits and the like it’s nice to also get some meat in there right? Well, as good as Bak Kwa is it can also equate to seven bowls of rice if you eat just three of them. Not just that but just one slice of Bak Kwa amounts to 179 calories so…sorry for ruining it.

Kueh Bahulu

These snacks have become a favorite for children and adult alike, thanks to their sweetness and consistency that resembles that of cookies, they are special treats better to have during the lunar festival. They’re not as innocent as you might think however, for as good as they are each Bahulu comes with 40 calories per slice, it’s not as much as others that have been shown here however so you can still enjoy them without worrying too much.

Kueh Bangkit

These coconut cookies have become a definite crowd pleaser for Chinese New Year; they are sweet and tasty as can be. It can even be hard to put them down once you get started. Thankfully, even calorie-wise they fall on the low side of this list, with only 23 calories per piece though don’t eat too many if you want to enjoy a variety of goodies.

Pineapple Tarts

Pineapple Tarts have become a lot of people favorite Chinese New Year’s treats, they are, however, also pretty heavy on calories, just one piece of Pineapple Tart has a total of 82 calories, which isn’t as much as other entries but could easily become hard to keep up with if you eat more than three pieces. So, as delicious as they might, it might be best to not lose control so much around them.


And those are just some of the goodies we’re used to eating for Chinese New Year. However, as stated before, you shouldn’t just give up on them (because who could right?) but do keep this information in mind when you’re enjoying the festivities, you wouldn’t want to overdo it after all right?

So with that, we start off our Chinese New Year week as a way to kick off the Chinese New Year. We hope you enjoy them!

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