Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 21: Vegan 101

With so many hits on the article that Luke wrote about the increasing popularity on Veganism, we decided to talk to Luke and his wife, Emilie, both of whom are vegan athletes and the founders of Live Green Live Lean to get a Vegan 101 from them. We learned a little bit more about why they decided to turn vegan despite having eaten meat for most of their lives and interestingly enough, the conversation turned to Body Confidence! Despite the digression, it was really good to have strength athletes and athletes speaking up about this subject and giving their point of view. Especially when Luke used to compete as a bodybuilder and trained girls for competition too.

After the interview, Luke was nice enough to share with us photos of him dressed as “Vegan Adam” which placed him at second place! Mind you, Luke did give us permission to share these photos and yes, we did have to do a few takes and the more we looked at the photos, the more hilarious they were! You’ve been warned…enjoy!


vegan-adam-1 vegan-adam-2

Thank you once again to Luke and Emilie for joining us in this week’s episode and we wish them all the best as they welcome their little one.

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Photo credits: Luke Tan

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