Flower Power Interview with Katie Hess

Aromatherapy is quite common but did you know that there is such a thing as floral apothecary? Meet Katie Hess – flower alchemist, founder of LOTUSWEI, one of the world’s leading floral apothecaries that produces flower elixirs, and she has recently added ‘author’ into her list of titles with the launch of her book “Flowerevolution”.

Katie has 15 years of independent research of flower and plant-based healing and her transformative elixirs have been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, The LA Times, Sunset and Organic Spa Magazine. She has also been endorsed by Ariana Huffington of Huffington Post! A lifelong spiritual seeker, Katie has studied meditation and mindful-awareness techniques with several Tibetan Buddhist masters, including the Dalai Lama and the Karma, Tibet’s next generation leader.

We were lucky enough to get an interview with the wellness entrepreneur when she was in Singapore last week for the launch party of her book. We find out what flower elixirs are and also, an understanding about this less well known aspect to alternative medicine or ancient traditional medicine.

Q: Thanks Katie for agreeing to do this interview! Firstly, could you tell us how did you get into flower alchemy and essences?
After graduating from college and living in Europe for several years, I discovered flower remedies and studied with an expert from Spain. After that, I moved back to the U.S. and provided flower essence therapy consultations for over a decade. I witnessed so many incredible transformations in my clients! I wanted everyone around the world to have that same opportunity, so I started making products and the business took off!

Q: What is the difference between flower essences and non-flower types of essences or essential oils?
Different from aromatherapy, flower elixirs don’t have a scent and they work through the acupuncture meridians. It is a liquid infusion of a flower or plant’s ‘chi’ or life-force, whereas an essential oil is distilled or extracted from the plant into a highly aromatic oil.

Whereas essential oils require huge amounts of plant material for distillation, only a small amount of blooms are required for making flower elixirs, making it one of the most sustainable forms of natural remedies. Flower elixirs are hand-collected from flowers from the wild or in special gardens, following cycles of the moon and a dilution process; the final dilution no longer has any plant parts in it – only the energetic imprint or essence of the flower.

Q: How would you describe your work/ business?
We seek out special flowers from all over the world, collect their healing qualities and make flower elixirs available so they may be taken on a daily basis. In a modern world where stress, tension, distraction and insomnia are the norm, we provide a simple way to experience more happiness, ease, creativity, clarity and better sleep. Over time the flower elixirs have exponential effects, dissolving old habits and magnifying our best qualities – helping us be at our best all the time. By reconnecting people to the magic of flowers, we reconnect people to their true potential in life.

flower evolution

Q: Congratulations on your new book “Flowerevolution”! Could you tell us a little bit more about the book and who should read it?
In many ways, with the current advancements in technology, we’ve lost our connection to nature, and in turn, our connection to ourselves. This disconnection often leads to stress, fatigue, and imbalance. In Flowerevolution, you’re invited to venture into the vast and beautiful world of flowers, and learn how they can be used to give us a fuller experience of our everyday lives.

Flowerevolution is a flower-filled guidebook is rich with information, stories, images, and rituals that demonstrate the largely untapped power of flowers. Most people are unaware that quiet, unassuming flowers can amplify our positive qualities and awaken new joy in everyday life, but in fact, flowers are ready to spark us to reach our greatest potential—one that is likely bigger than we can even imagine!

Flowerevolution is designed to open you up to a fresh new world of magic and possibility. In it, from the 48 different profiles, you choose the flowers you’re most attracted to and discover what your favourite flowers reveal about you. You’ll find out how flowers can be used for a variety of conditions, including pregnancy and postpartum, travel and jet lag, and addiction; and learn the answers to the 10 most commonly asked questions about flower elixirs. The book also features ancient and modern methods for harnessing flowers’ unique qualities, including flower baths, elixirs, mandalas, body oils, desserts, and more!

Choosing your favourite flower

Flowerevolution is written for the reader who is interested in any of the following: transformation, wellness, natural remedies, natural products, flowers/nature, healing powers of nature and flowers.

Q: What motivated you to write it?
I wrote Flowerevolution because of a strong desire to reconnect people with not only the power of flowers and nature – but of their own power. When we’re children, we have a direct experience of the magic and abundance of nature, but as we grow older, we tend to forget about that. I want to inspire people to re-awaken their own magic and powerful potential.

Flowers can be used as a reflection point for us to understand ourselves better. We are always drawn to those flowers that benefit us most. By seeing what flowers we are attracted to, we can see what qualities are wanting to be strengthened within us

Q: What inspired and continues to inspire you to do what you do?
I first started learning about flower elixirs from my teacher almost 18 years ago. Beyond just teaching about about the specific qualities flowers, I was inspired hearing him talk about the tipping point. He said flower elixirs created such a tremendous impact in people, that we didn’t need to reach the masses. He said that if only 3% of the world’s population uses flower elixirs regularly, that it would change the outcome of the future in a very positive way.

To this day, the motivating factor of the business and everyone who works alongside me is the positive ripple effect that we create. Using flower elixirs regularly leads people to not only feel more joyful and peaceful, our moods are infectious: when we’re happy, the people around us are happy. When we’re in a grumpy mood, it also affects people around us.

What’s more, recent studies show that our state of mind affects other people – even perfect strangers. A recent study showed that if your friend’s friend’s friend becomes wildly happy, it has more of a beneficial effect on you than if someone put $5,000 cash in your pocket. Conversely, if you become wildly happy, it has more of a beneficial effect on your friend’s friend’s friend (a perfect stranger), than if someone put $5,000 cash in their pocket. This shows that our state of mind is constantly impacting people around us, whether we realise it or not. Using flower elixirs to help us be at our best, helps the everyone around us be at their best.

Essentially, to quote the Dalai Lama, “World peace begins with inner peace.”

Katie at the book launch party in Singapore

Q: People nowadays are bombarded with tons of images about how they should look and sometimes, even feel. How do you think people can get some balance and just be confident about themselves?
In the last couple decades that I have really been putting effort toward this in my personal and business life, the two most powerful tools or methods that I have seen and experienced are flower elixirs and meditation.

Flower elixirs are great, because they don’t require classes, membership fees or any major time commitment. They’re very easy to use in daily life and if taken 4-5 times each day, noticeable results occur in as little as 2-3 days. During the first month of regular use, people can expect to experience a greater sense of ease – less irritation and stress – and more clarity, confidence and happiness. Over time, the benefits of flower elixirs are exponential – they help us see any habitual patterns that hold us back.

Meditation or mindful-awareness practices are also very powerful. They do not require a lot of time and it can be done anywhere, anytime. A mere five minutes of sitting quietly each day is enough to make a big impact in how we feel during the entire day. Just as with flower elixirs, the effects compound over time, so that we gain more and more clarity and insights each day that passes. Experiencing less stress is usually not the sole reason or intention for doing meditation, but it is a nice side effect.

Q: What advice would you give to women who are feeling stressed, out of balanced or simply burned out?
Take breaks. Schedule in time for yourself each week! It’s not selfish – you can only give to others and be at your best when you do this! Spend more time in nature to recharge (even if in a park). Make a list of ten things that nourish you and make sure you do them often! Engage in creative projects and play. Explore flower elixirs and do a five minute meditation each day.

Q: Any last words for our readers?
If you’re curious what your favourite flower means about you, visit www.lotuswei.com ~ choose the three flowers you’re most attracted to and we’ll send you a free report.

Photo credits: Accela Asia & Katie Hess

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