Elevating Longevity with Traditional Chinese Medicine at RAKxa

RAKxa Integrative Wellness highlights the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) whose main purpose is to treat the person as a whole, aligning with RAKxa’s philosophy to bring guests closer to a state of wholeness.

By addressing the root cause of imbalances rather than treating specific symptoms, Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to promote long-term wellness that extends beyond physical health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses a variety of healing approaches centred around its key concept of energy flow or “qi” to treat individuals – the same way as RAKxa synergises different therapies to create comprehensive programmes that will guide guests’ journey to longevity. By integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with other healing methods, RAKxa effectively reestablishes guests’ balance, elevating their longevity beyond the benefits offered by individual therapies.

Integrative Diagnostics with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine views health as a state of wholeness that encompasses more than just the physical body, andthat is why its diagnosis extends beyond the physical to emotional and overall vitality. Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors diagnose an imbalance by observing various signs the body is sending, primarily through appearance, pulse, tongue and eyes.

The tongue, for instance, can reflect the functions of major organs and related health issues.

What your tongue says about your health:

In TCM, if the tongue is pale, it indicates qi deficiency and dampness; If there is a thick white patch coating on the surface of the middle part of your tongue, TCM doctors may assume that you are having spleen qi deficiency which leads to bloating and fatigue.

If the tongue is bright red, there may be too much heat in a certain organ; where if the tip is very red, TCM doctors may assume you have restless thoughts.

At RAKxa, the sign of your imbalance will undergo further investigation through the usage of scientific diagnostics and laboratory investigations. Urine Organic Profile can determine the efficiency of metabolisms and gut ecosystems when experiencing fatigue and bloating due to spleen qi deficiency. Additionally, checking cortisol levels in Hormone Panel may scientifically confirm whether a guest is trapped in a stress cycle or not. These test results will provide in-depth information to help RAKxa select and personalise treatments based on the guest’s specific conditions.

Integrative Solutions with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Focusing on individual rebalance and the interconnectedness among major organs and body elements, Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to improve one’s “qi” or vital flow, adjusting the out-of-balance elements through treatments and nutrition. For enhanced effectiveness, other healing methods are used in combination to complement and optimise the benefits of Traditional Chinse Medicine.

FOR PURIIFICATION – Chi Nei Tsang + Colon Hydrotherapy

A more balanced and harmonious state for both the body and mind is achieved through cleansed and enhanced gut health. Focusing on the abdominal area or the “second brain,” Chi Nei Tsang stimulates bowel movement with abdominal massage to help the movement of waste through the colon and promote relaxation of the internal organs. The benefits of Chi Nei Tsang are amplified by science-based Colon Hydrotherapy which further aids in the elimination of toxins that accumulate in the colon.

FOR DETOXIFICATION – Acupuncture + IV Liver Detox

For more efficient organ detoxification, acupuncture and IV Liver Detox are integrated to help with issues that indicate the need for deep cleansing and qi rebalancing. Acupuncture restores qi flow through the insertion of thin needles along meridian channels to alleviate blockages and nourish the liver’s qi. IV Liver Detox therapy amplifies the organ’s capabilities for better natural detoxification by enriching the liver with antioxidants and micronutrients.

FOR REJUVENATION – Cupping + Whole Body Light

When the body possesses an effective healing mechanism, cellular rejuvenation is enhanced. Traditional Chinese Medicine cupping can help the body heal more efficiently by improving circulation and removing blockage with suction on specific points or areas. This process also helps to release toxins from deep tissues, facilitating the elimination of cellular waste products. Marks or bruises from cupping can be addressed with Whole Body Light therapy which not only improves the body’s response to minimal inflammation but also supports the natural healing process.

FOR RESTORATION – Deep Tissue Massage + Acupuncture

To optimise the flow of qi, Deep Tissue Massage is added to relieve body tension and muscle stiffness through the application of therapeutic touch which focuses on the deeper layers of the muscles. Acupuncture is added to deactivate the trigger points more deeply and specifically, particularly in areas where massage may not be practical. Acupuncture can also be performed in specific areas to speed up the self-healing process.


For more information about RAKxa retreat and their Traditional Chinese Medicine offerings, please visit their website https://rakxawellness.com/

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