Inspired by Patient’s Facial Paralysis to Create Singapore’s First Aesthetic-Physio Clinic

It was just like any other day at her physio clinic, up until Grace Ho’s patient came rushing in with tears in her eyes. Her face was drooping, and she was cringing from the pain – one side of her face was paralysed.

At a glance, Grace recognised the symptoms of Bell’s Palsy, a devastating infection of the facial nerve. Her heart shattered.

Having administered treatments for thousands of patients spanning over sixteen years, Grace has pretty much seen it all. But this was entirely different, and much more delicate. As a trained medical professional, Grace remained calm and collected – she had the knowledge and skills at her disposal. And now, she had a resolve.

Over the course of her patient’s physiotherapy sessions, Grace administered a curated combination of physiotherapy treatments to tackle the drooping skin. This included electrophysical stimulation, ultrasound therapy and TECAR Winback therapy to promote blood circulation in the body, relieve muscular pain, and accelerate the healing process.

And true enough, in just 5 to 6 sessions, Grace’s patient saw visible differences in her complexion. Her skin laxity and cellulite build up eased, and her skin felt taut – a 180 degree change from before.

Inspired by her success, Grace came up with her biggest idea yet – to take a leap towards the aesthetics industry, by combining her expertise in both skincare and physiotherapy through SkinPhysio (a combination of the words skincare, and physiotherapy), Singapore’s first aesthetic-physio clinic.

There, Grace’s SkinPhix program combines advanced physiotherapy and aesthetics treatments, to delicately treat sagging skin, water retention, and cellulite build up – suitable even for post-partum mothers!


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