Exploring the Impact of a Nutrient-Dense Diet on Children with ADHD

With the rise of ADHD in children and adolescents, Naturally Nurtured Australia (NNA) and Society for the Promotion of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Research & Knowledge (SPARK) Singapore are collaborating in September. Together they will raise awareness and explore the impact of a nutrient-rich diet on supporting medication and techniques to aid with ADHD symptoms.

The partnership will also team up with Dr Chan of Engines of Health, along with other relevant Clinical Nutritionists and Child Psychologists, to lead an observational study in Singapore on the effects of diet on the symptoms of ADHD in children. The collaboration kicked off with an information session with parents from the community of SPARK Singapore on August 27, where they introduced the study and its objectives.

The observational study commences on 30 September, during ADHD month and runs for 12 weeks until 23 December. The study entails NNA sponsoring the food for an ADHD child from each participating household from the SPARK Singapore community via weekly food boxes. The families will then receive cooking sessions from Dr Chan to educate them on how to cook and prepare nutritious meals using NNA produce. During the study, group activities will be hosted by SPARK to enable parents to have support from one another and allow the children the opportunity to interact. Nutritionists and psychologists will also be present to support should the households face any queries or issues.

A weekly questionnaire will be attached to the food boxes about the changes exhibited by the child regarding the 12 pillars of ADHD will have to be completed by the parents of the ADHD child as a form of data collection. The impact of a nutritionally dense diet and the correlation to the symptoms of ADHD in children will be analysed and evaluated, with the results being published in January 2023.

SPARK Singapore is an ADHD Parent Support Group set up to create a community to provide support for parents with similar experiences. Its early success in fostering understanding and acceptance of ADHD children in Singapore led to the realisation that there is a need to raise awareness amongst educators and the public. SPARK Singapore aims to increase awareness, help families with ADHD children, and promote formal research on ADHD.

ADHD is one of the most common neurobehavioural disorders of childhood that is characterised by impulsivity, hyperactivity, and the inability to sustain focused attention, all of which put a significant strain on a child’s early social relationships in school and at home.

Although empirical evidence supports pharmacological and behavioural treatments, side effects and concerns regarding safety and long-term use contribute to families searching for alternative methods for treating the symptoms of ADHD. Many experts remain uncertain regarding the underlying pathophysiology of ADHD, but studies have proved a lack of specific minerals and vitamins in the bodies of children with ADHD. Therefore, the diet has been one of the most discussed alternatives for ADHD treatment.

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Families interested in getting involved in the study are strongly encouraged to visit the SPARK website and sign up for their support group to learn more.

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Website: http://www.naturallyau.com/

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