Test Your Limits at The Inaugural Under Armour COMBINE in Singapore!

Under Armour has announced its inaugural UA COMBINE competition to establish the ultimate benchmark in athlete performance. To date, a “combine” is synonymous in the United States as a scouting competition designed to establish the benchmark of fitness needed by up-and-coming athletes. Now, this unrivalled training competition will allow athletes from any sport or training discipline to compete against others in their country and truly test their limits.

With events set to take place across four countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Thailand, the UA COMBINE 2022 season will kick off in Singapore on 20th August, and travel to Kuala Lumpur on 3rd September, Sydney on 17th September and Bangkok on October 1st, 2o22.  Registration for UA COMBINE 2022 will be open to 300 competitors (150 males and 150 females) per event. All athletes taking part in UA COMBINE will also receive a head-to-toe Under Armour competitor kit.

“Human performance is at the core of the Under Armour brand”, says Justin Olivares, Marketing Director for Under Armour South Asia-Pacific. “With UA COMBINE, we envisage this to be more than just a competition of testing skill and athleticism; it will be a unique and exciting experience for athletes around the region to really challenge themselves mentally and physically and become better versions of themselves.”

The iconic Pasir Panjang Power Station sets the stage for an epic display of athleticism

Olivares continued, “This year, we will be rolling out four UA COMBINE events, and our intention is that this will be a marquee event for athletes to come together and see how their performance measures up to some of the best in the region.  No matter your chosen sport or training discipline, we want you to sign up and test your limits at UA COMBINE 2022.”

Athletes competing in UA COMBINE will be tasked to participate in a total of eight physical and mental tests devised by Under Armour‘s Global Head of Athlete Performance, Michael Watts. Watts, who is based at Under Armour’s global athlete performance center in Portland, Oregon said, “UA COMBINE will give participants the opportunity to challenge themselves against some of the exact same tests we put our world-class athletes like Stephen Curry and Anthony Joshua through.”

Each test will challenge the athlete’s agility, stamina, vertical, power, endurance, strength, speed, and cognition. Points will be earned for each completed test and athletes will be ranked according to their final result. UA COMBINE 2022 medals and cash prizes of S$5,000, S$2500 and S$1000 will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed athletes in both the men’s and women’s divisions respectively.

The 8 tests will focus on:

  1. AGILITY: Arrowhead Change-of-Direction Speed Test
  2. STAMINA: Pull-up Beep Test
  3. VERTICAL: Standing Vertical Leap Test
  4. POWER: 20m Sled Push
  5. ENDURANCE: 20m Beep Test
  6. STRENGTH: 3RM Bench Press
  7. SPEED: 40 Yard Dash
  8. COGNITION: Reaction Inhibition Test

“Reaching your peak performance is more than strength of body, but strength of mind, character and will.” says James Newbury, Under Armour athlete, four-time winner of ‘Australia’s Fittest Man’ title and UA COMBINE’s Competition Director.


He continued: “By combining disciplines into one test of fitness like we have with UA COMBINE, athletes will discover their true potential like never before. Every part of this competition is designed to satisfy the fundamental desire of an athlete to test the limits of what they think is possible for them to achieve.”

20 Aug 2022 Singapore Pasir Panjang Power Station
3 Sep 2022 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia IM4U Sentral Puchong
17 Sep 2022 Sydney, Australia Jenko Pavilion, Olympic Park
1 Oct 2022 Bangkok, Thailand The Link Asoke-Makkasan


For further information on UA COMBINE 2022, including competition rules and how to register, please visit the official website www.uacombinesg.com or follow @UnderArmourSG using #UACOMBINESG.

Images: Under Armour Singapore

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