EMS Training Helps You to Train Smarter, Not Harder

Most of the latest social media trends revolve around quick workouts and shortcuts to getting an amazing set of abs. However, in reality, training in order to look great on the beach is much more difficult and time-consuming. On top of that, strength training in the gym is simply not as intuitive for most individuals. Luckily, there is one true way to complete efficient workouts in a short period of time. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training has been on the rise lately, due to its very effective results. This fitness tool is capable of sending electrical impulses to the muscles which can then activate much more efficiently and precisely. The core principle behind this device is total control over the amount of electrical muscle stimulation as well as the length of your workout. This device definitely eliminates any excuses that most people have when delaying their fitness journeys. Here are some ways EMS training can help you train smarter without spending hours in the gym.

Eliminate imbalances

One often overlooked aspect of training is that people develop imbalances quite easily. This is usually caused by two reasons. Firstly, many professional athletes develop muscle imbalances due to the nature of the sport, in order to exert the most force output, an athlete will use their dominant limb. Over time this leads to more neuromuscular adaptations and hypertrophy for that given limb, leaving the rest of the body still weak and uncoordinated. These imbalances are quite a risk factor because the athlete might find themselves in a compromised position using the weaker limb every now and then when performing the same movement, which might result in an injury. Secondly, most average gym goers prefer to work out the beach muscles, which usually include the chest and the arms. Unfortunately, as lifters develop strong pectoral muscles, they develop extremely bad posture because they often neglect the importance of back exercises such as barbell rows and deadlifts. This is a guaranteed way to get injured in the long run. However, EMS training is completely different as it targets the whole body equally. It can help you actively gauge how you stimulate your muscles and even help restore balance to your posture.

Great for rehabilitation

Most people either fear starting their fitness journeys or returning to fitness because of the dread associated with injuries. Luckily, the wonderful invention of EMS training has allowed more comfort and safety while training. This is because muscles can be fully activated without placing any load on the joints and connective tissues. As opposed to ligaments, muscles can recover much more quickly. That is why using EMS training is superior in rehabilitation processes, especially if you have injured a joint. In addition, EMS training will provide sufficient raw stimulus magnitude without causing any additional harm to the affected joint, and the best thing of all is that it can be completely targeted to provide useful muscle stimulation to the injured place. This will also stimulate more blood circulation to the affected joint in order to promote faster recovery. For this reason, EMS tools are a must-have for many coaches and personal trainers, because it allows them to prepare their athletes to go back to their favourite activities in no time.

EMS Training Helps you to Train Smarter, not Harder

Get rid of back pain

One of the most common problems many people face is persistent back pain. This is usually because of the more and more consistent sedentary lifestyle. This coupled with the lack of exercise creates a vicious cycle; people do not want to exercise because they do not have enough time but then attribute that to lower back problems. Luckily, EMS is a beautiful tool because it can stimulate your spinal erector muscles while you are sitting. These muscles run along your spine and create support like a guy-wire system which takes the load off the spine itself and keeps your posture upright. There is no safer way to get rid of back pain than this.

Easier recovery

Many people experience fatigue after many months of training. This is because exercising doesn’t only affect your muscles but also the central nervous system (CNS) and the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems (systemic fatigue). This will cause athletes to create diminishing returns in their training, where any additional effort doesn’t yield any significant benefits. EMS can help you take some time off from intense training while maintaining your progress.

Controlled muscle stimulation

One added benefit of EMS training is that it creates a never-before-seen optimal training environment because it can be fine-tuned to deliver the intensity that you need. Furthermore, it will allow you to feel complete muscle activation, which is sometimes difficult to achieve safely using weights.

EMS training is definitely a tool of the future in the fitness industry. It comes packed with many benefits; it’s great for rehabilitation, minimizes muscular imbalances, relieves lower back pain, makes easier recovery because of the great stimulus to fatigue ratio, and controls and activates your muscles. Training has never been safer and more efficient than this.

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