Singaporeans Cheer Return of ‘Live’ Spectator Sport

The return of Southeast Asia’s premier football competition, AFF Suzuki Cup, to the National Stadium and Bishan Stadium has caused excitement among football fans to reach fever pitch. Following the prolonged limitations on spectator capacity at ‘live’ sporting events in Singapore, Herbalife Nutrition’s latest survey revealed that Singaporeans are cheering the return of ‘live’ spectator sport, with almost nine in 10 (87%) feeling emotional and excited about watching the AFF Suzuki Cup 2022 matches in person.

The 2021 Football Fans Survey, conducted by premier global nutrition company and Official Supporter of AFF Suzuki Cup 2022, Herbalife Nutrition, with 239 Singapore football fans aged 18 and above, also revealed that nine in 10 (90%) respondents said that the absence of ‘live’ sporting events in the past two years made them cherish the experience even more. Close to eight in 10 (78%) respondents said that the stadium atmosphere was the best thing about watching sports events ‘live’, followed by the ability to see their team in action in real life (46%), and the ability to cheer on their team in person (45%).

Jilson Ang, General Manager, Herbalife Nutrition Singapore said, “‘Live’ sports have the power to motivate and inspire, be it in our pursuit for sporting excellence or to take positive steps towards healthy active living. This is the reason why Herbalife Nutrition supports over 170 sports athletes and teams around the world with good nutrition to take their sporting pursuits to greater heights.”

When asked to compare the current ‘live’ match experience to that of pre-pandemic times, half (51%) of the respondents admitted that the experience now was not as good before, 27% said that the experience was better than before, while 22% said there was no difference in the experience.

However, despite the difference in their matchday experiences, nine in 10 (90%) still prefer to watch football matches ‘live’ in-stadium. Top reasons influencing respondents’ decision to watch a match in person include:

  • Coming to support their favourite team (55%)
  • Coming to soak in the atmosphere (39%)
  • Miss watching live sporting action (38%)

Beyond being physically present to cheer their team on, football fans in Singapore felt that watching ‘live’ sport has a positive influence on their everyday lives. Close to half (47%) of the respondents said that watching ‘live’ sport fuels their passion for sport, 40% said watching ‘live’ sport inspires them towards healthy living, while 39% said watching ‘live’ sports inspires them to live every day to the fullest.


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