Find Your #LiftFromWithin and Get a StayCay!

Merz Aesthetics has launched its #LiftFromWithin campaign in Singapore across its social media platforms last week, which aims to empower the rediscovery of an inner confidence. Bolstering this vision of inspiring confidence is championed by their Ultherapy® treatment, and calls on consumers to contemplate the things in life with value and can rely on when in need of a boost of self-assurance whenever our confidence falters.

Merz Aesthetics’ campaign is brought to life by its diverse cast of prolific tastemakers comprising of artistes, entrepreneurs and content creators, each candidly sharing their own #LiftFromWithin. From doing a dance, enjoying a slice of cake, indulging in romantic comedies or even listening to a favourite tune, their unique stories personify a unified message – that confidence comes from within, and sometimes all it takes is a single spark to light the flame.

Like most people, confidence isn’t a perpetual state of being or feeling for me. I’ve been a firm believer of Ultherapy® for over three years now, and every treatment leaves me with a renewed sense of confidence that I’m in good hands. In my work as an actress and in life, I strive to bring my best self forward and this comes from the confidence that I can deliver my work. I’m sure this resonates with many, regardless of occupation, and that’s why inspiring others to find their #LiftFromWithin so they can bring their best to others is so close to my heart,”

– Joanne Peh, Actress and Ultherapy® Believer

Other personalities headlining the campaign include Julie Tan; beauty key opinion leader Monchin Yeoh; Founding Fitness Instructor Daniel Palma, and news presenter, Sara-Ann Chuen Krishnamoorthy.

“We take pride in our relentless focus on fulfilling customer needs. As we continue to make strides in our mission to help people to look better with our ever-growing aesthetic portfolio, we place equal importance in helping them feel better,” says Conway Rappa, General Manager of Merz Aesthetics Singapore. “#LiftFromWithin can be both physical and emotional. It starts with empowering consumers to embrace the little things that can uplift one’s confidence from within, and it is also about supporting you in the journey to achieving your vision of beauty with Ultherapy® so you have the confidence to be the best version of yourself.”

Enjoying a staycation

As part of the #LiftFromWithin campaign, the first 100 people who complete an Ultherapy® treatment (minimum nett amount of S$3,000 before GST) at an authentic Ultherapy® certified clinic from 22 November 2021 onwards will be able to redeem a one-night staycation at Andaz Singapore worth S$380++*.

Learn more about Ultherapy®

To hear what the personalities have to say about their experiences with Ultherapy®, do visit this page. You can also watch and read about my experience and review of Ultherapy® here.

Please consult a doctor before you undergo any medi-aesthetic treatment and do also note that results from Ultherapy® treatments differ from one person to another, and usually lasts for an average of one year.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please visit the Ultherapy® #LiftFromWithin campaign page for more information.


Image: Merz Aesthetics

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