Why Add Pilates Into Your Fitness Routine?

Pilates Reformer may seem like a slow workout that only those who are older or rehabilitating from injuries take part in. However, even if you don’t belong to the 2 groups mentioned earlier, it would be a good idea to incorporate Pilates into your fitness routine as it stabilises your core and posture, while enabling increased functional mobility.

Not convinced? Here are some examples of why you should incorporate Pilates, regardless if you are a spin fiend, a runner, a boxer or a weightlifter.

Running: Pilates help to strengthen one’s core, leading to improved posture and more efficient running form.

Spinning: Pilates lengthens and stretches out the muscles, which may be tight from the seat or the repetitive movements.

Weight Lifting: Pilates works on your form and posture as well as the core. Pilates goes beyond the abdominals and work on a group of muscles that stabilises your skeleton that includes your 4 layers of abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, muscles of the back and muscles around the spine.

Boxing: Pilates can help with the “imbalance” a boxer may have (for example, a dominant side in order to succeed in a punch). All Pilates movements are designed to re-balance the body to improve sports performance.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Pilates can be great for injury prevention. It trains body awareness through movement and strengthening of the core at the same time. Both of these help to reduce injury risks during a HIIT workout.

If you’re now convinced, you may want to try out some of these Pilates moves at home or attend a Pilates Reformer class such as those by Virgin Active (across all 6 gym locations), to give that extra bit of alignment, form and mindfulness to your workout!

Images: Pexels and Virgin Active Singapore

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