Expert Views Episode 5: How Stress Affects Mobility & Posture

Are you sitting up straight right now? Do you care about your posture? We often hear the term “mind over matter” but did you know that stress, which can be considered as something more mental than physical, can also affect your physical mobility and posture? Interestingly enough, the interview took a bit of a philosophical turn but perhaps that is the nature of how complex the human body is and that is why your physical health is also an indication of your mental health and vice versa.

Find out more in this interview with Dr Theo Kieu of Light Chiropractic as we explore how the mind and the body are connected.

Remember everyone, it is important to keep an open mind and be more mindful about how your stress plus your actions affect your posture. Stay positive and find outlets to destress so that you can have better health!

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