Australian Researchers Develop Plant-based Product That Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Good news for those who are diabetic! MediKane, an Australian food-as-medicine company that produces plant-based health products to help people prevent, manage and reverse chronic conditions, has developed NutriKane D for those with diabetes to control their blood sugar levels.

About NutriKane D

As the flagship product of MediKane, NutriKane D is a 100% natural, plant-based product (a powder that you mix with water), that has been clinically proven to lower and control blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. This product has been through extensive clinical trials and testing, with incredible results for people with diabetes (types 1, 2 and gestational).

Ironically, this product that lowers blood sugar has Australian sugarcane as its primary ingredient.

Clinical trials (conducted in Australia and the US) found that regular use of NutriKane D had a measurable, positive impact on the diversity of flora in the gut microbiome of trial participants, resulting in a 2.2 x reduction in blood sugar levels.

NutriKane D:

  • Stabilises and retains the complex biochemistry of the active ingredients the gut needs to control blood sugar levels
  • Is backed by robust clinical and scientific evidence (clinical trials showed blood sugar levels were reduced by 2.2 times when used)
  • Is a convenient, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical natural health product that cannot be overdosed and has no side effects
  • Is a completely plant-based, all natural product that is sustainably produced.

Bringing scientific rigour of pharmaceutical development to the natural health industry

The natural health space is notoriously unregulated, with many companies making all sorts of claims about their products, with little requirement to be able to back claims up with evidence. MediKane aims to change that, by bringing the scientific rigour that is required in the drug development space to the natural health industry.

MediKane’s co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr Malcolm Ball is well known in the Australian health innovation space – over the course of his professional career Dr Ball has designed and obtained regulatory approval for 41 products in the food, medical device, bioanalytical and pharmaceutical areas. He’s now using this wealth of professional scientific knowledge to advance plant-based natural health solutions, bringing the scientific rigour of the pharmaceutical industry to the ‘food as medicine’ space.

Dr Ball says, “I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, and I can categorically state that today’s diabetes management practices do not work nearly well enough, and there are currently no cures. With MediKane, we’ve taken the Food as Medicine approach to managing chronic conditions like diabetes – alongside an evidence-based diet and exercise program – because the medical evidence that good health begins with food is overwhelming.”


MediKane currently has distributors throughout Asia and the USA, and is embarking on a crowdfunding campaign in order to expand their presence in these markets. To purchase or to be part of the crowdfunding efforts, please visit their website

Images: MediKane

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