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While there might be a few new telehealth platforms launched in Singapore, you will still need to run to the nearest pharmacy to grab the necessary prescriptions. This might not be an issue for most of us but imagine if you are a stay-at-home (or even working-from-home) mother who has to juggle children, household chores, watching the kids’ homework while also making sure that meals are cooked. It would be impossible for you to simply leave your sick children at home while you go to the pharmacy.

While telehealth is really convenient, it can get expensive if say, you wanted just a monthly stock up of your child’s regular eczema cream. Wouldn’t it be exorbitant to have to pay a consultation fee to the doctor every month just so that you can get the prescription? That’s where GainHealth, a Singapore-based online pharmacy and telehealth startup, aims to hit the current pain points by endeavouring to make healthcare more accessible and affordable through its direct-to-consumer platform.

More affordable healthcare

GainHealth operates on a vertical integration business model – meaning that it not only allows consumers to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) products online, it also displaces the middlemen in the product distribution, resulting in products that are 10-15% cheaper than those sold in physical retail pharmacies.

More than that, GainHealth offers exclusive access to partner teleconsultations as a member-only benefit. Essentially, you’d just have to spend $58 on your regular products (which is money you’d be spending anyway) to unlock access to GainHealth’s slew of GP services — virtual consultations, specialised prescriptions and healthcare advice. This end-to-end healthcare approach streamlines the entire process, such that mothers and caretakers, who require a constant supply of effective child-friendly (for eczema and allergies) and women’s health (to combat weight gain, iron deficiency, menstrual issues) products, technically never need to step out of the house again.

GainHealth ensures the best scientifically-tested products for its customers by partnering with reputable healthcare brands such as Ceradan, National Eczema Association and Sambucol. Additionally, its e-commerce-driven capabilities are amplified through the platform’s omnichannel presence on Lazada, Shopee, Foodpanda and Shopify. Besides products and services, GainHealth is built on the idea of empowering women —  the common key decision-makers in households — through the platform’s free educational resources and curated content that help mothers make well-informed decisions regarding wellness and healthcare.
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