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Health care in Singapore has always been easy and accessible, but with the Coronavirus pandemic, a visit to the doctor’s is just risky. As a result, telehealth, an alternative way to visit your doctor through the Internet, has been gaining immense traction. Today, house calls and doctor-led teleconsultations are permissible by any Singapore Medical Council registered Doctor.

Undoubtedly, the idea of having medical consultations through a computer or phone may be daunting for many. There are new apps to understand, privacy matters to be concerned about, and procedures to learn. However, with the countless options out there, visiting a doctor from your phone has never been easier.

1.Doctor World – 24/7

Doctor World is a telehealth platform offering a multitude of features. For example, you can skip the long queues at the clinic with teleconsultations and have your medicine delivered to your doorstep at no additional charge. Partnered with over 200 healthcare providers in Singapore, you can also use their free live text chat service to connect with any of these healthcare professionals anytime, instantly!

S$18 for a 15 minute teleconsultation anytime between 7AM – 11:59PM
S$38 for a 15 minute teleconsultation between 12AM – 6:59AM,
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2.Doctor Anywhere – 24/7

Doctor Anywhere connects you to your preferred Singapore-registered doctor for medical consultations for any kind of issue, including colds, aesthetic (skincare, haircare, aging) advice, or even birth control. After your consultation, you can even opt for all prescriptions and documents to be emailed or delivered to your doorstep for free.

An additional perk for new mothers: Doctor Anywhere has newborn consultants who are able to give babycare, feeding and weaning advice, with a 48-hour care plan following each consult. Seeing a doctor has never been easier.

S$20 for general consultations and aesthetic advice
S$15 for newborn consultations
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3.WhiteCoat – Mon to Sun, 8AM to 12AM

Whitecoat is a health and wellness digital healthcare provider with the aim of providing reliable and quality healthcare. You can consult your preferred doctor from their list of practitioners about common ailments, chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, travel medication advice. or even sexual health advice. They can advise you relating to sexual health, fertility issues or contraception. Don’t worry, all information provided remains strictly confidential.

S$25 for consultations anytime between 8AM – 7:59PM, Mon to Sat
S$50 for consultations anytime between 8PM – 12AM, Mon to Sat
S$50 for consultations anytime between 8AM – 12AM, Sun & Public Hols
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4. Speedoc – 24/7

Speedoc is the “Grab” for house calls and doctors. The app allows you to call nurses, doctors and ambulances if there should be a need for it. This is especially useful for patients who may not very mobile, those who need quick medical attention, or those with low immunity who should not be exposed to other patients in waiting rooms. You can even have video consultations if you need your medical query addressed as fast as possible.

Fees Vary
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5. Homage – 24/7

Homage helps to connect caregivers and organisations with the elderly in Singapore. They provide a holistic range of services including but not exclusive to caregivers who can assist those who have issues with carrying out daily activities (ADLs), nurses who can carry out nursing procedures at home and even specialised care for those who have more serious medical conditions. Furthermore, to give you a peace of mind, Homage has a strict selection process to ensure that only the best Homage Care Professionals give you the care that you need.

They understand that finding and coordinating good quality care is often difficult. That is why they emphasise deeply on the professionalisation and training of their caregivers, as well as uncomplicated on-demand technology.

Fees Vary
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6. Healthway Medical Group– Mon to Friday, 9AM to 1030PM; Saturday & Sunday 9AM to 5PM

Healthway Medical Group is one of Singapore’s largest private healthcare providers. The Healthway Medical app has one of the largest number of options. Alongside 47 of their General Practitioner clinics, its’ paediatric unit (Singapore Baby and Child Clinic “SBCC) is also on the app. There are plans to integrate further specialist clinics into the app too! So whether your baby is having sleep problems or you have the common flu, Healthway Medical will be there for you.

S$20 for video consultation & delivery to your doorstep*
S$15 for drug refill & delivery*

SBCC Baby & Child Clinic*

S$90 for the 1st consultation (General Paediatrics)
S$60 for follow up (General Paediatrics)
S$120 for the 1st consultation (Sub-Specialty)
S$80 for follow up (Sub-Specialty)

* subject to S$10 delivery surcharges to Jurong Island and Sentosa

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<Updated as of 14 November 2020>

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