8-min Cardio For Mature Ladies

Besides strength training, it is good to add in a bit of cardio into your exercise regime. Even if you’re a mature lady and if you’re hard-pressed for time, Suzie has come up with a workout that is only 8-minutes long! No excuse to get your body moving, especially when the workout can be done in the comfort of your living room. Check out the full video below:


The workout is TABATA-based and you do 1 minute of each exercise and rest for about 15-30 seconds in between. After warming up:

  1. Jump squats
  2. Marching legs
  3. Side to side slides
  4. Side slides to side double (option to tap the ground)
  5. Double side steps with arms
  6. 4 side steps
  7. Step tap (add single or double arm roll)
  8. Hip circle or forward thrust

The workout is super easy and gets your heart pumping! And have we already mentioned how easy it is? Now, it’s time to get off your computer and get moving!

Video: Care by Suzie via YouTube

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