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Diabetes is a pressing prevalence in SG – the numbers do not lie: approximately 640,000 adults in Singapore suffer from diabetes as of 2020, with the estimated number projected to grow to 1,000,000 in 2050. Within this growing population, approximately 75,000 patients require regular insulin therapy to maintain glycemic control. Often, many of the conversations in the media are concentrated on preventive healthcare, but there exists a lack of information regarding prevention of complications and how to manage pre-existing conditions, especially in the diabetes health space.

The growing population of patients are often faced with various challenges surrounding insulin delivery; including inconvenience, discomfort, pain and even risk of injecting medication into muscle instead of the fat layer. Anxiety, distress and a constant need to monitor every step of the process is a delicate balancing act in the patient journey; and with this in mind, global medical technology company Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has specially redesigned the ultimate pen needle for utmost care, comfort and peace of mind for the patient – the BD Ultra-Fine™ PRO 4mm pen needle.

Less discomfort

As recommended by ADES’s 3​ ​best practices for insulin injection therapy for all adults regardless of age, gender or BMI, 4mm pen needles are at the right length to penetrate the skin and enter the fat layer. This allows patients to receive the required insulin dosage with minimal risk of intramuscular injection. Since 2014, the BD UltraFine™ 4mm pen needle has undergone numerous product enhancements, from introducing an extra thin needle wall (EasyFlow Technology™) and a 5-bevel needle tip (Pentapoint™ Comfort technology) in 2016 to a redesigned contoured needle base with ergonomic features in 2019 to deliver easier, less painful and more confident injections everyday.

To reinforce the importance of proper education around diabetes management and insulin therapy, BD has also launched ​  – a one-stop resource portal for patients to access up-to-date information on appropriate injection techniques, improving insulin management and the products available for their insulin journey.

BD’s Ultra-Fine™ PRO 4mm needle retails at all local pharmacies and BD’s official store on ​Shopee​.

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