Running Stories – Be Entertained While You Train & Run

Running Stories is a new audio entertainment fitness app that casts you as the protagonist in a story and uses real-time data to build an augmented audio narrative that integrates with your surroundings and keeps you ‘enter-trained’ on runs.

The thrilling storylines are triggered as runners pass GPS markers and landmarks. Designed for beginners or seasoned runners alike, each story is made of binge-worthy episodic storylines that keep runners hooked and motivated to head out on the road for more.

Running Stories is currently in beta and is inviting brands and consumers to test it out. In its initial stage, it has been designed to work on selected routes in Singapore.

Augmented audio reality is what makes Running Stories so exciting. It gets you to explore new routes by using real-time data that turns your run into a story. It’s like Hollywood, Silicon Valley and your personal coach had a baby.”

Joakim Borgstrom, Creative Lead, Running Stories

“We are currently looking for partners to take the app to the next level. What’s great is that the possibilities are endless,” Borgstrom added.


Narrative titles currently available on the app include ‘The Extraction’, an espionage-based adventure; a psychological thriller called ‘The Runner Without a Past’; and ‘Runner’s Body’, It’s the world’s first audio sitcom set inside your own body.

The next phase is a roll out in further cities around the world and making the app available as an open-source platform so that writers and creators can devise their own stories. There are also plans to incorporate more real-time data like weather conditions and the runner’s heart rate to enrich the experience and add tailored fitness challenges, making the creative possibilities endless.

Borgstrom added, “Finding the motivation to run can be a challenge. But our intention is to make it a bingeing experience. We can’t wait to see what co-collaborators will come up with once we open the platform up.”


Running Stories can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and you can also follow them on Instagram

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